White hopes Cruz won't have to retire

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2/13/13 4:30:45PM
UFC president Dana White expressed the serious scenario facing Dominick Cruz, admitting the bantamweight champion may have to retire if he suffers another bad injury.

Cruz is currently sidelined after he tore his anterior cruciate ligament last year. Since then Renan Barao has become interim champion and will fight Michael McDonald in London this weekend.

Cruz has not had much luck with injuries during his career, and White hopes he will be fit to return to action in the summer of 2013. However, that scenario is by no means a guarantee.

2/13/13 4:44:26PM
it would be a shame if he had to retire before i got to see Barao beat him.

2/13/13 4:51:42PM

Posted by tmas

it would be a shame if he had to retire before i got to see Barao beat him.


My thoughts exactly
2/13/13 5:00:51PM
He's a young guy. I think he needs to get stripped
But unlike Frank Mir and come back to quickly just to lose
Take another year to get back to par
He hasn't defended in over a year and a half
That calls for a strip
2/14/13 12:07:32AM
It does call for a strip, unfortunate but true...I really hope the guy gets better and regardless of when I hope he can get some good match ups and eventually comes back to greatness.
2/14/13 12:46:58AM
I'm not a fan of ever stripping the title.

In this case I think Cruz would be smart to relinquish his title voluntarily so when he comes back he can get a tune-up fight or 2 before jumping into the deep end with whoever holds the belt at the time (Probably Barao)
2/14/13 2:00:52AM
I am the biggest Cruz fan out their and have been happily riding his nuts since Cruz vs. Joe B 1(one of my favorite fights ever)

He needs to be stripped if he cannot defend his belt by November, and we can all watch him destroy everyone in the BW to regain what is rightfully his.

It would crush me to see Cruz lose because he came back from an injury to soon.