White's defense of Bonnar tells us everything we need to know about UFC HOF

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7/2/13 2:45:09PM
Five days before he's due to induct a man he's still not speaking to into the UFC Hall of Fame, UFC President Dana White did his best to explain to the media why he thinks Stephan Bonnar is deserving of the honor.

7/2/13 3:31:01PM
to Dana.
7/2/13 3:44:46PM
UFC can put whoever they want in THEIR HOF
7/2/13 4:20:28PM
Dana re-writes history the way he sees it. They had already cast the second season of TUF and there's no way that the fight saved the UFC. Griffin probably deserves to be in but Bonnar definitely doesn't.
7/2/13 6:19:24PM
It makes more sense to me. It's the UFC HOF, not MMA. And without Bonnar/Griffin, according to Dana, there would be no UFC. So in their eyes and from that angle, I agree...

but then the UFC all star accountant and other "non fight" people should be in the HOF
7/2/13 6:35:51PM
It is the UFC hall of fame and that fight was huge at the time, I remember people who didn't watch MMA at all asking me if I'd seen it ( I didn't, I didn't have cable at the time). The MMA community just needs to start it’s own HOF then we can take a broader more achievement based approach to who gets in. Who really gives a shit about HOF's anyway?
7/3/13 9:40:15AM
That whole article was shit...regardless of how you feel, there was NO NEWS! It was just an anti-Dana article...as for Bonnar, this is why I was hoping they would just put the fight itself in the HOF.
7/3/13 10:47:33AM
it is the UFC HOF, they can do it. don't see why people are so ticked from this. Yes I di think they should make sure they make it for the best of the best but guys can get in for their impact on the sport

Edit: shit boxing has Sylvester Stallone is in the Boxing HOF
7/3/13 1:20:35PM
This open's the door for Chael, so I'm okay with this.