White Backs Off On Liddell Retirement Talk...

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6/22/09 6:40:20AM
Sort of. After his UFC 97 loss Dana White said we would never see Chuck Liddell fighting in UFC again. But during the TUF 9 Finale the topic came up again, to which Dana said "I'm not his father, he can do whatever the hell he wants to do. I'm his friend and I care about him a lot, and I'd never like to see him fight again." Still no official comment either way from Liddell.

6/22/09 12:55:35PM
It wouldn't be a good business move to stop Liddell ever fighting again. He could/would be a big draw for the UFC's Asian market plans. If they were to venture in to the Philipines like they say he is a guaranteed ticket seller in untested waters. If they put on a show in Japan anytime soon he would definately fit the bill also.
6/22/09 11:16:46PM
i see lidell fighting one more fight before he goes win or lose
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