White: UFC 147, Silva vs. Sonnen II now slated for 80,000-seat stadium in Rio

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3/23/12 1:21:51AM

Posted by bjj1605

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The Brazilians did not quite do that when Kimura defeated Helio Gracie. You can still find youtube videos of some Brazilian whining about how Helio Gracie did not lose that fight. It's preposterously funny because it was in-fact Helio Gracie who cheated and padded the mat to avoid being knocked out by Kimura's judo slams.

But all in all, justice was served when Kimura applied the legendary move which broke the arm of Brazilians' cheating fighter, Helio Gracie.

May I also add, the Brazilians staged a coffin with Kimura's name on it as a hospitality gesture to welcome the foreign fighter, Kimura.

These Brazilians - they are such great hosts aren't they?

Nothing like veiled racism to liven up a forum debate.

Brazilian isn't a race.

Did I say it was??

Maybe he's racist against latinos.

Point is: generalizing about a whole country is ridiculous. Whatever you call it.


Everything I said in my post is true and or can be verified by Kimura himself. I assume you are upset because I accused them of not having hospitality.

Let me just clear this up by having you answer the following question. - Did the Brazilians welcome Kimura with open arms or did they throw tomatoes and rotten eggs at him and staged a coffin with his name on it?

The United States is the forerunner in human rights and equal opportunity and in the 1950s, it was still - very much a racist country. Is it so difficult to believe a third world country like Brazil would be racist during the 1950s?

If you don't know already, there are many modernized countries which are racist e.g. almost all the Asian countries, almost all the European countries etc. These countries welcome foreigners but as a foreigner, he or she will soon learn the hosting country will not let him/her succeed beyond a given stature. In any instances, they will make it very difficult for foreigners to achieve certain status.

Bottom line is - Brazil was not very hospital toward the outside world and neither were most countries during the 1950s.

Quite frankly - I am disappointed and outraged even - that a good poster like you would accuse me of such hate. Perhaps you are not as good a poster as I assumed.
3/23/12 2:04:08PM
Bottom line - - - When the brahzillian faithful chant "Your gonna die" at the weigh-ins, it just clarify's there primitive, hatred towards things they just can't quite understand....not surprising.
3/25/12 4:43:16PM
@KFM and Chael__Sonnen.

I get what you're trying to say.

Here's the problem:

You're using a few instances (one instance for KFM) with a few people (Brazil is a country of almost 200 million and you're talking about a small subsection) to make broad statements for an entire country.

That's called generalizing and its wrong.
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