White: 'No idea' if UFC 154's Hendricks-Kampmann winner up next for title

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11/7/12 4:47:48PM
That upcoming No. 1 contender's bout may not be one after all.

Today, UFC President Dana White said he's not sure if UFC 154's co-headliner between Johny Hendricks (13-1 MMA, 8-1 UFC) and Martin Kampmann (20-5 MMA, 11-4 UFC) will earn the winner a welterweight title shot, as the organization previously announced.

That's because UFC 154's headliner, welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, could temporarily leave the division for a blockbuster matchup.

With the uncertainty of those plans, White isn't sure if Hendricks-Kampmann is a true No. 1 contender's bout.

"I have no idea," he said. "I have no idea. We have to see how this thing plays out.

"Like I tell everybody, people are asking me, 'Is the Anderson Silva fight happening next?' Well, [St-Pierre] needs to beat Carlos Condit first. And like I said earlier, people are overlooking Carlos Condit, and that's a bad idea."

White said even with a win over St-Pierre, Condit wouldn't be on that same level. And that could be a good thing for Hendricks and Kampmann, who, barring an immediate rematch between Condit and St-Pierre, could be up next for a shot at Condit's belt.

"Carlos Condit ... will defend the title against who's next (if he beats St-Pierre)," White said.

11/7/12 5:18:32PM
Good. Stop promising multiple people title shots to boost numbers. I have been fooled many times...
11/7/12 5:41:10PM
Winner gets Brock.

I liked how DW starts talking Andy v GSP super fight. Then turns around and says 'I don't know why people are sleeping on Carlos'

The irony is extra ironic.
11/7/12 5:51:05PM
Few months ago Dana said for sure title shot
Now no idea. Once again the fighters are duped
I honestly think win or lose gsp will face Silva next
My guess it will be soon asap probably march Dallas
11/7/12 6:07:10PM
The title shot probably goes to someone else in another weight class.
11/7/12 6:51:31PM
Blinded by the lights
If you're Dana, and the UFC How could you not want this matchup booked?! Does it logjam the division? Of course, but are we going to complain that much? Hell no.

Idk who I'm settling on winning this fight, but I believe the winner either fights Diaz when he gets back, or a Penn/Macdonald winner possibly before a title shot manifests itself. -metallica song title-
Lot of quality matchups in this division by the way. Strong as ever