whens AUS's turn?

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4/24/08 8:40:26PM
what i wanna know is when is ufc planning on heading to australia, i mean they would easily get a capacity crowd, there are so many aussie mma fans that would cream over a specticle like the UFC, so please UFC give australia a go. my bet is that ufc will come downunder once George Sotiropoulos the aussie of TUF6 gets going and takes down a few big names, then hopefully they'll give aussie fans like me a great show.
4/24/08 9:08:20PM
i would say maybe never or at least within 2 years it won't.. next year they are thinking germany, mexico, and hawaii, and new york
4/24/08 11:25:40PM
I'm not sure how many fighters are currently under contract from Australia. This would have to play a roll in them going over there. I'm sure there is a big following of MMA fans in Australia, but I think the UFC likes to showcase the country's fighters when putting on a show like that.
4/25/08 12:41:01AM
The UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta says "that the UFC will head to Germany in 2008, and soon, will also put on events in Italy, Spain and Australia"

So around 2010, And it will go to Queensland too I bet.
4/25/08 6:15:33AM
They need to go there now i think! Dunno why they have so many events here in the UK before going elsewhere? But there isnt so many top aussie fighters i dont think, George is the best, guys like Soa and Morris have been unimpressive so they would have a hard time making a good card, alot of american fights wont want to travel half way around the world to fight i bet, still I hope they do one there soon, my guess is in 1 year
4/25/08 6:35:05AM
I really would love to see this happen!!!

I cant see why they wouldnt travel to Australia when they go to the UK.

Please Dana bring it Australia!!!

4/25/08 6:54:01AM
as long as they make it here within 2-3 years ill be a very happy camper.
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