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POLL: Where do you see Kang
Top level MW, (Top 10) 25% (7)
He still good (Top 20) 54% (15)
He's lost his touch (Top 50) 11% (3)
The UFC didnt need him 7% (2)
I Hate Don King 4% (1)
5/4/08 1:10:18AM
I went from complaining how the UFC needs to sign him to utter amazement. Dennis Kang has lost his last 2 fights and his last win was over a year ago (to a nobody). Last pride win was a year and a half ago.

Do any of you guys think Kang is still a top level fighter?
5/4/08 2:32:04AM
Denis is still a Top Fighter, he got caught to times in a row, a goofy thrown uppercut and he fell into a Triangle, if you put his loses into a Scale Factor then he's pretty much like Chuck Liddell. He lost 2 straight matches then Wins 1 Big one and now he's Ranked Top 5. I think Denis will bounce back because he is the All around Package.
5/4/08 10:46:13AM
Yea i still think he is a top MW, he just has had very bad luck lately, if the UFC were to sign him i'd take him over guys like Lutter, Franklin, okami etc.....his toughest test would be hendo, and i would pick Silva to beat him, but i think he'd pit up a better fight than most have. Hope he bounces back cause IMO i think he could be like the GSP of the MW's (great wresteleing, good hands, etc...)
5/4/08 10:56:23AM
he has been out of the top ten for me. Mousasi is no joke, i had him picked to win the whole tournament, but i just think there are 10 better fighters then him right now. Akiyama is also a great fighter, but those two losses were both 1st round stoppages, which is different then Chuck Liddell. a split decision loss to Misaki is also something you shouldn't be ashamed of, however, going 1-3 in your last 4 fights makes it difficult to rank you high at MW; especially when the people you lost to are in the bottom half of the top 10 (which is different then Wandy). he has never really beaten top quality fighters in his career anyway; i mean he hasn't defeated anyone that i have in the top 10 with his best victories being over Gono, Suloev and Ninja who are all outside of the top 15 imo. i still would put him in the top 20, but imo he doesn't have a good enough resume for a top 10 bid. i have him around 15th currently
5/4/08 2:08:31PM
I think Kang is a very good fighter, top 10 IMO. He's just not fighting like he can. Kind of a Cro Cop situation for me, you know he's good you know he should win but he just loses the fight, more then the other guy wins it.
5/4/08 3:37:07PM
i can SEE him as top 10 MW, but i cant RANK him that high

hope some u ignora-mooses out there can figure this one out w/out it hurting your heads to bad
5/4/08 3:44:08PM
kang is a borderline top 10 fighter, i just think he got a little overrated in his big winning streak, he is good but not great.
5/4/08 6:07:43PM
I was against Kang since since day 1, I knew he would lose his Dreams tourny fight. And I dont know why people think he's something special. He is avg. in my books and always will be.
5/4/08 6:10:58PM
Hes mabeys to 15 at the moment for me. I think he tends to choke a little against the top guys, and until he beats a legit top 10 he wont be cracking my top 10 rankings. I still think hed beat the likes of robbie lawler, but me thinking that aint enough, hes going to have to string some good wins together.
5/4/08 6:57:52PM
Kang will get another streak going again just give him sometime, Mousasi Akiyama and Misaki are very tough opponents remember Kang was on a 21 fight win streak before he lost to MIsaki by Split Dec, Ninja Rua fought some big boys like Henderson, Arona, Randleman, and Kharintov. Kang beat Rua quicker than all of them
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