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2/8/07 5:49:41PM

Posted by flaw

Posted by fedorwins1

My record is consists of backyard MMA fights, where there's actually some kids with alittle talent. Im 7-0 I'm the champ, I won a Pride style tourny, the biggest kid I fought was 6'2" 300lbs, I'm 5'8" 145 lbs. none of my fights went to decision or even out of the first round. Don't get into streetfights they are not worth it! I fought a kid last year that was picking on a smaller kid and I broke his cheek bone and gave him a concusion and his medical bill was 7,000 some dollars! I got 6 months of probation and 20 hours of community service and had to go through anger managment.

Omg thats crazy! You broke his cheek bone! Thats gay they made you do all that stuff, did you have to pay his hospital bill? I dont think they have shouldve gave you that punishment i mean really you were protecting that kid! I gave you rep!

I only had to pay $300 thank god he had health insurance.
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