Whats up, all. New guy here.

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7/1/07 3:13:31AM
Whats up, all. New guy here. I'm from Fox Lake, Alberta and if anyone has ever heard of it I will be damn suprised! I've been watching the UFC since it started and man, has it come a long ways! I've been watching every event since UFC 59 now. I started watching again because I was a Police Officer(since retired) at the time and loved how they used a lot of the techniques that we are taught in training. When we were taught it was basically called a bastardized version of martial art, taking the stuff that worked in real life. We were taught armbars, using the elbows, boxing, groundfighting and leg kicks to the opponents legs and the guilloten(no idea how to spell it and to lazy to look it up) was called the carotid choke. We were taught meaner stuff to like the tiger claw(pinching the windpipe between your fingers), eye gouges and to grab, twist and pull the balls(we were not taught to fight fair, we were taught to win). Don't get me wrong. By no means are most cops ready to contend with the monsters that compete in the rings and octagons. These guys now competing are serious athletes and train accordingly(not to mention all of them have to be a little crazy!) Well, thats me and I can't wait to start with the wagers and everything else. Later all.
7/1/07 8:15:14AM
Thanks for joining. It's great to have you aboard. I'm sure your Police background and experience will be an asset to our forums.
7/1/07 9:20:19AM
Welcome and good luck from Iowa
7/1/07 10:02:28PM
you can request an invite to CANADIAN TOP TEAM .
canada menber only
we are 6th in the heavyweight division.
go to canadian top team page and click on the link to request an invite.

7/1/07 11:39:16PM
seems like alot of canadians here
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