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9/1/10 8:14:55PM
Not many people have mentioned his fight. I think he looked great, and Davis is no can either. I dont know why he has been insisting that he go back down to LW. He has looked great at both of his fights at WW. I hope he stays at welter weight, maybe put on a little more muscle. But anyway, who should he fight next, i say give him Swick, maybe Diego if he wins, that would be interesting, easy or UFC to sell too, since a Nick and Diego fight happend.
9/1/10 9:29:51PM
I say give him Jake Shields.

9/1/10 9:36:06PM
Send him back to lightweight and have him face BJ Penn.

If he stays at welterweight, a fight with Dan Hardy would be epic, inside and outside the cage.
9/1/10 9:54:14PM
Id like to see him fight Hardy, Swick, or Hughes
9/1/10 10:48:45PM
Post-fight press conference Nate said he wanted a top 3 opponent in WW or LW.

Idk if Swick is top 3 or if he is lined up to face anyone but I'd really like to see Diaz vs Swick.
9/2/10 12:30:23AM
Whats next for Nate Diaz? hopefully getting KO'd by somebody. in all seriousness, i think he deserves a top fighter. hardy, hughes, swick. i think he would beat swick and has a very good chance of submitting hardy. hes a good fighter i just dont like him or his brother. or his lisp
9/2/10 2:33:48AM
I think it's settled Hardy or Swick.
9/2/10 5:25:47AM
I think they should give him whom ever wins Paulo Thiago vs Diego Sanchez.
9/2/10 7:45:30AM

Posted by emfleek

I say give him Jake Shields.

I almost bit then I read your name bravo well done my friend.lol
9/2/10 8:18:53AM

Posted by emfleek

I say give him Jake Shields.

How about James Shields of the Tampa Bay Rays? He likes to throw down, just ask Coco Crisp...Though he did look like Forrest Griffin throwing against Anderson Silva.

I'd say though that the loser of the Hardy and Condit fight. I'd love to see him get beat up :)
9/2/10 1:38:54PM
Hughes Hardy or Swick all sound good actually.
9/2/10 4:25:54PM
He is out for 2 months. Given train time
I say he comes back for new years card
He shoud stay at welterweight but bulk up a little

If I had to guess right now
I would say. Maybe against. Mike swick. Or ricardo almeida
Or john howard
9/2/10 5:02:29PM

Posted by Pookie

Id like to see him fight Hardy, Swick, or Hughes

Hardy would be a great fight! Hughes, Hathaway, Condit, or Karo whenever he comes back.
9/2/10 5:57:16PM
I would likke to see him stay at WW. And would really like to see him fight either Jon howard or Carlos condit. Both fights would be great imo.
9/3/10 2:06:49PM
Diaz couldnt handle Guida- wtf will he do against hughes???
9/3/10 6:25:46PM
I think his chances of performing well against the wrestlers in the LW div are better than if he stays at WW.....there are a lot of outstanding wrestlers in WW right now and he's going to run into a Jake Ellenberger soon if he stays.
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