Whats Your Largest Wager - Season 2

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6/22/07 6:50:27PM
So, whats the wager, and on who?
6/22/07 6:58:09PM
100 on Huerta...

Yah, I'm a wimp. I'll wait til the end of the season before making huge underdog wagers.
6/22/07 7:28:32PM
624 on Manny. Then I put the rest on BJ for a safer bet.
6/22/07 8:44:44PM
yeah i got over 500 on bj
6/22/07 9:22:37PM
550 on sword... underdog big time but i dont care, i want some money.. and there has been some upsets, so i cant wait to see how this fight plays out...
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