Whats Goin down People?

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2/28/08 12:59:03AM
Hows everyone, I came across this site and I love it. I am not doin to good so far lol. I am a big UFC fan but I can appreciate any MMA,
2/28/08 2:48:43AM
3/3/08 6:27:50PM
what's up? i feel ya on the ufc but there are a lot of really good fighters in really good organizations out there as well. for instance, you should start watching some more of the wec. it's sick. lighter weight classes and some crazy fights. anyway, i'm new to this just today so i don't know anything about it yet really.
3/16/08 2:50:27PM
4/25/12 3:22:29AM
Hello and welcome. This forum is a place of mystery and intrigue. Come to find out, it's not an exclusive big-boy club, where you have to pay to post. It's a true forum, full of life and friendship. See yah on here....brother......

7/14/12 2:35:22PM
Hi, I am a newbie here. I have been searching such kind of forum for the time being.
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