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POLL: Whats the most exciting way to win a fight?
standing punching KO 19% (11)
Head kick/ knee KO 46% (26)
GNP KO 9% (5)
Broken bone sub 16% (9)
Vicous beat down (beating crap out of the other fighter) 7% (4)
nutt punch (sorry lol) 4% (2)
8/8/07 10:09:33PM
by far the sweetest way to win a fight is by mother intervention.
you know, when your mom runs into the ring and starts beating the piss out of the dude that was killing you....
either that, or by the Albanian toe hold, that shit is vicious.....
8/8/07 10:43:19PM
Call me a bit brutal (and I suppose old school as well) But the early brutality of the UFC style vicious beat downs was the most excitement I had watching MMA.
Whether it be Tank's mauling on Matua, Pardoel v. Weit was pretty nasty. But the one that sticks in my mind that gave me the highest of adrenaline rushes was the beatdown Patrick Smith gave Scott Morris. It was the heighest jumping fist pump I have ever done in my life.
8/8/07 11:03:36PM
Not many options but the stand up punch is best simply cause its the most quick and unexpected like GNP knock out. When hughes beat gracie, it was alrdy know it was over when he was hittingbtu it dragged for like 2 minutes til they stoped it. I like a ground battle that leads to a crazy submission is the best or sometihng like hughes/ trigg 2
8/9/07 11:51:07AM

Posted by BloodandTears

Posted by tamarslay3

I have always dreamed to knock out some one just by throwing fists i have to go with that

Best place to catch them is in the jaw. When I was 13-16 I would punch the nose, try to water up the eyes so that the opponent would have a tough time seeing. Once I got some power and learned how to pivot into a punch I found that it didnt matter if your Mike Tyson or PeeWee Herman, If I clip you on your jaw just right your gonna drop. This will cause the nerve endings in the brain to shut down thereby making your opponent see stars. Fake left throw right = Shattered jaws and a sure KO~

Not if your name is Mark Hunt. Nothing can knock that dude out.
8/9/07 11:55:21AM
My favorite knockout was Mirko/Magomedov. There's nothing quite like being kicked in the liver, putting your fists put to fight more, realizing that something is terribly wrong and then falling over in pain.

It didn't look like much but it was brutal.
8/9/07 12:07:21PM
With kicks and knees. Especially if they are delivered by Remy Bonjasky!
8/9/07 5:53:05PM
Mir vs Sylvia - very nice
8/9/07 8:19:49PM
These poll options are very amateurish. You coulda had a lot of fun adding different kinda subs like gogoplata, kneebar, armbar, triangle choke, etc, etc.....

Neverless I went with knee KO.
8/9/07 9:26:03PM
Phil Baroni vs. Dave Menne was the first thing that popped into my mind!!!
8/9/07 9:43:29PM
Groin strikes.
8/10/07 12:40:56AM
Don't know why, but the thing that always gets me amped is the ko by knee (flying or not). Just remembering the Count's win in the TUF semi's by flying knee(which he called, btw), and Diego's knee on Riggs around Christmas, makes me giddy.

If I had to guess, I'd say I like it the best because it is one of the truly "different" ways to end a match. Straight ko's make me think of traditional boxing (and they've got some of the best) Tappouts make me think of wrestling (real or fake).

But, when I see a ko by knee....I know I'm watching mma!
8/10/07 12:50:07AM
I think a standing punch is the most exciting because it just seems like such a pure fighting moment. But Gonzaga kicking CC was about as exciting as it gets. And a good beatdown is always awesome. MMA is really just exiting in general.
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