whats going down with BOB SAPP and MIKE TYSON!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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10/25/07 8:00:45PM
id love to see that shit happen
10/25/07 9:31:40PM
everyone does, everyone wants to see bob sapp get KTFO
10/25/07 9:33:22PM
elek watsup n e wayz, lets chill bro
10/26/07 6:58:50AM
Is this serious? This is was meant to happen ages when Tyson got in the ring with Sapp and said he would fight him, but it never materialised, and never will. I don't even know if Sapp is going to fight again since he threw his fight with Aerts earlier this year. The state of mind that Tyson is in right now, he will never fight again.
10/26/07 9:57:23AM
Bob Sapp vs. Brock Lesnar should happen, just for the hell of it.
10/26/07 10:59:05AM
I dont understand the fan base of Sapp he has no skill set he just gets in the ring and swings his huge tree trunk arms and shoves fighters across the ring he has no stand up skills or ground skills all he does is push people around with his size its more comical to watch him fight than entertaining.
10/26/07 6:56:32PM
Bob Sapps last fight was pretty much a joke.....and I am pretty sure Tyson is in jail at this moment (again)
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