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11/14/07 5:38:26PM
going to a gym strcily for mma or going to aboxing gym and then another day go to BJJ and another day go to wrestling?
11/14/07 5:39:21PM
MMA if the gym is good imo
11/14/07 6:13:34PM
This is what I do

- Wrestling practice everyday @ my High School
- Kick Boxing on the weekends
- My brother has a brown belt in BJJ and he teaches me
11/14/07 8:04:10PM
yah wat i do is wrestling at myu school and belong to a boxing gym and BJJ gym
11/14/07 8:23:20PM
I find that with serious training unfortunately what accompanies it is your budget. If you can afford to train at two different schools with excellent teachers- go for it. Or, if you're like me, you go to a school in which perhaps there aren't the best and most well known trainers, but you can afford to get in some standup and grappling under one roof.

Another thing, and probably the most important- Who you will be training with? Are they your age, or are they a bunch of real young kids or old people? Basically you want the people at your gym to be able to challenge you. If you can get several body types that's great, as you won't always be fighting the same body type.

11/14/07 8:42:06PM
Where I train there is multiple classes. Because I'm training to compete I can skip around from kickboxing, submission grappling, Muay Thai, and MMA. The MMA class covers everything. I have the same instructor and coaches for all of them. If you can find a place to train like this I'd do it. I was doing only the MMA class for a while and it's great. However, I've added going to the submission grappling once or twice a week and my grappling is ten times better. I would find a place where you can train all the groups separately. It makes a big difference. IMO.
11/14/07 11:21:59PM
Hey I'm nub myself,
but I can assume going to lets say boxing for striking, wrestling, and BJJ.
all different classes will teach you in more detail then lets say an mma class.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure an MMA class wouldn't detail a submission as well as a BJJ dedicated to teaching those submissions.

Just me .02
11/15/07 1:25:02AM
You hit the nail on the head Ken, if you can afford to cross train it's the way to go.
11/15/07 9:13:55AM
Good answers so far. If I was going to put the importance of different aspects in order I'd say to look at these:
* What you can afford (unfortunately, this is a limiting factor for some people)
* Quality/experience of the instructors
* Quality/experience of the other students--your future sparring partners
* Availabiliy of classes--are there only 1-2 times a week to train, is there an open gym for sparring/working out on off hours, etc.
* Style (MMA vs. individual schools)

I guess my advice would be to disregard the MMA vs. boxing/BJJ argument and look at the other 4 factors. The school(s) that makes the most sense taking those into consideration should be the one(s) for you.
11/15/07 11:56:50AM
At the gym i go to they have BJJ MMA and KIckboxing and i take boxing at my school as well as wrestling
11/15/07 1:40:31PM
atlas u have a boxing team at ur shcool?
11/15/07 7:42:06PM
My idea, if I can't find a MMA class. Take both BJJ and Mai Thai for a coupla years
till I'm 18/19, and then use an mma class to put my skills together.
11/25/07 2:49:52PM
I'm lucky, i go to a school that offers Muay thai, bjj, judo, mma, and boxing. So like keNn said do what you like and then take a mma class to blend it together.
11/29/07 7:27:36PM
go with the mma gym, because it is most likely cheaper. and there is nothing rong with being a well rounded fighter. i meen it would be nice to be like GSP and being specialized in several martial arts
11/29/07 7:40:36PM
IMO it's better to get one solid base, IE: Kickboxing and then build off that with your sprawl and sub defense, or specilize in wrestling, then build off that with BJJ. Being well rounded is great, but most start with one specific base and then build off that.
11/29/07 8:39:12PM

Posted by cmill21

but most start with one specific base and then build off that.

Most successful MMA fighters do.
11/29/07 10:45:41PM
I boxed for a while, now I train BJJ, and will be training muay thai.

my base is going to be boxing/mauy thai, but hopefully my BJJ game is equivalent to my striking game
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