Whats the most anticipated match up?

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POLL: Most anticipated match up
Wand vs. Chuck 55% (16)
Mirko vs. Fedor 28% (8)
Rampage vs Chuck 2 10% (3)
Barnett vs. Fedor 0% (0)
Randy vs. Chuck 3 0% (0)
Shogun vs. Rampage 7% (2)
8/17/07 5:01:39AM
Now I know a couple of these haven't happend but people seem to talk about them happening so I take that as anticipating that one day it may, or is it one that happend and was a huge spectacle even before the fight? By the way I wanted this to be decently recent so us younger guys will remember the hype. If I missed the one you anticipated most I apologize.
8/17/07 6:10:25AM
cro cop vs fedor to me, both the liddell vs ortiz had me extremely antsy as well
8/17/07 9:16:52AM
crocop vs. fedor definitely.

btw, rampage has already fought chuck twice
8/17/07 9:23:02AM
I went with Wand vs. Chuck just because of the amount of times its almost happened. However I think for UFC fans the most anticipated fight ever was Tito vs. Chuck 1.
8/17/07 10:00:05AM
I'd have to say Liddell-Wanderlei because of all the hype surrounding it. As for most-anticipated ever, I'd say it's a tossup between Liddell-Couture 3, Ortiz-Shamrock: The Final Chapter, and Hughes-Royce Gracie.
8/17/07 10:14:26AM
I know being let down so many times has took away from it but Chuck Wandy has been the fight that all have wanted to see. It didn't matter if you were a Pride guy or a UFC guy or just a fight fan everyone wanted and still wants this fight. I can't think of any fight with more hype then that one.
8/17/07 10:48:50AM
I think one should be shogun vs hendo
8/17/07 11:20:02AM
fedor vs cro cop 2.....

cro cop vs chuck liddell ( chuck said he wanted mirko and fedor)
8/17/07 11:54:37AM
cro cop vs fedor 2
8/17/07 12:03:13PM
I would like to see:

Diaz vs. Gomi II
Evans vs. Bisping
Gonzaga vs. Monson
Herring vs. Cyborg
Wandy vs. Ortiz II
Cro-Cop vs. Arlovski
Rua vs. Liddell
Giant Silva vs. Wee-Man, Mini-Me, and that midget from Carlos Mencia.

8/17/07 3:27:52PM
Wandy vs. Chuck. Simply because you know they're going to duke it out standing up.

Gomi vs. Diaz 2 would be amazing, as well. I still get goosebumps before watching the first one, haha. What an amaizng fight that was

How about Gonzaga vs. Big Nog?
8/17/07 3:57:19PM
I know page and chuck fought, I just remember all the UFC guys thinking it would be the chuck liddell vengence tour. I remember the fedor Mirko 1 it was awsome and two of the best going at it. I put up chuck and wand because my god people won't shut up about it lol. I also hear alot of barnett and fedor talk. I do think that if Mirko won the title in the UFC and if Fedor came it would be the biggest fight in the history of mma. If chuck and wand fight in december then it's not as big as a Mirko Fedor title fight because well, no title.
8/17/07 5:06:21PM
definetley wandi vs chuck,i mean fedor smashed crocop.Everyone is waiting for wandi-chuck for sure.
8/18/07 9:18:37PM
i think wanerleai and chuck, chucks been dodging him but now since wanderleai signed with the ufc, its bound to happen sooner or later.
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