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6/24/07 4:59:55AM
Hey all,

22 years old from Stockholm, Sweden. Currently live in Australia, been living here for almost 2 years. When im done with Uni here im going to move back home and then we will just have to see.

Ive enjoyed Martial Arts for almost all my life, primarily Muayi Thai. Naturally I developed an interest for K1 when they got their thing going. Although during the last 2-3 years my interest in MMA have become much bigger and nowadays I hardly watch any K1 at all. I get everthing out of UFC and Pride.

Any how, a brief text about me.

6/24/07 9:56:24AM
welcome 2 the playground
7/6/07 6:07:23PM
7/6/07 6:27:35PM
good luck in this fierce competition
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