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6/15/07 10:20:44AM
Whats up, DangerousDjohn here. Here is some stuff about me... I turn 20 Monday, I love all sports (Baseball, Basketball, and Football), and of course MMA. My favorite fighters are...

1. Anderson Silva
2. Quinton Jackson
3. Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira
4. Rich Franklin
5. Randy Couture

Honorable Mention

Chuck, Houston Alexander (gotta love his story), and Thiago Alves, and Tavares. As you can tell, I like the Brazilian fighters.
6/16/07 12:41:58AM
Ohh nice Anderson fan? Me too =)

welcome bud, you should like it here.
6/20/07 8:12:59PM
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