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2/12/10 2:46:19PM
the put Ben Saunders on the main card, and Jim Miller ??? im sorry but i really dont want to pay to see them fight on the main card. they put Matt Brown vs Ricardo Almeida on the prelims, and nate diaz vs Rory Markhem. Too me those to fight derserve to be on the main card. Just because we have 3 good fight on the main card doesnt mean they can just put on the lesser fights
2/12/10 2:56:31PM
Matt Brown and Nate Diaz are never in a boring fight and they are both TUFers . I would expect (and hope) them to be on the spike portion of the card . Besides , jim miller is a stud and saunders is the first man to ko marcus davis .
2/12/10 2:57:13PM
I disagree I love to watch the Miller brothers fight especially Jim. And Saunders looked outstanding in his last fight so I can understand where there coming from. Im just glad they give us the prelims it took the UFC a long time to give us that much!
2/12/10 3:05:30PM
I agree with the 2 posts above me. I love watching both Saunders *and* Miller. I have no problem with them being on the main card. In fact, I encourage it.
2/12/10 3:26:38PM
I'd rather have Jimbo Miller and Killa B on the main card.

Dont know what to expect from Diaz/Markham. With Brown/Almeida we could see Ricardo take brown down for 3 rounds.

I guess if you dont like it, dont pay for it.
2/12/10 3:40:58PM
I guess I dont need to say anything but I agree with the above posts.
2/12/10 4:00:58PM
jim and dan miller are both exciting to watch..never been bored watchin em' guys..and ben saunders is looked great in his last fight..nate daiz..did you see his last fight..boring..so someone who barks alot..he sure doesn't have the bite to back it..and almeida hasn't been that impressive as of late..so fighters who can put on excitin fights and are impressive will always make it farther than those that don't..you gotta finish a fight if you want to get dana's attention..bottom line...
2/12/10 6:30:48PM
Nate hasn't exactly been winning lately. I am a little suprised they didn't put him on the main card just because he is a TUF winner, but I am glad they didn't.

Maybe you have not seen Miller fight. He derserves to be on the main card more than any other fighters listed. Miller is a couple big wins away from a title shot. That is more than you can say for Nate, Brown, Rory or Almeida (although I think if Ricardo strings together a couple wins he might get an early shot at the GSP-decimated title shot).
2/16/10 6:05:02PM
Ben Saunders is a beast. And after his KO of Marcus Davis, y would he not be televised?
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