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POLL: Whats next
Rematch with gsp 26% (8)
Rubber match with Hughes 0% (0)
Remain King of the 155 division 74% (23)
5/25/08 12:42:08AM
Sorry if this is classed as a spoiler, from what i understand we can post whatever as long as the even has aired. (Like you really thought you could come on an mma forum without finding out the results anyways)

Anyways, what would you like him to do? Ive always said id like him to just cement his place as the greatest lw ever. I think if hed just stuck to the ww division and the ufc, the matt hughes legacy could be his. Now, id like him to create is own legacy as the best 155 champ ever, which is something i think he can do. I mean, sherk was the only guy i thought could beat him at 55'

I rubber match with hughes would be interesting though, neither would be the champ so itd only be 3 rounds, and b.j just showed hes got no problems going for 3. I think b.j would win via tko.

Obviously, b.j wants gsp, but i think fitch should get his shot, then another guy depending on how results go over the next few cards. So he could be waiting in a long line before he gets that rematch.

Anyways, i want him to stay at 55 and clear out the division, then go after gsp. What do you guys think?

EDIT - I dont no why i put "the b.j" in the title, i guess i was going to say the prodigy then realised i couldnt spell it and decided to put b.j
5/25/08 12:46:28AM
i would say mostly likely the winner of huerta/florian because of gsp/fitch happeneing at 87. so setting up a match between gsp and penn would take awhile and gsp still has to beat fitch.
5/25/08 12:47:20AM
I want to see Penn vs Huerta, A rematch with GSP may be in store, but GSP wont be holding the title.... thanks to Fitch =)
5/25/08 1:44:05AM
The winner of Huerta vs Florian gets a crack at BJ. I do not think there is a single person in the LW division that will touch BJ's belt. He is a JJ specialist and out struck Sherk with ease. I know Sherk is no Striker, but BJ is leaps and bounds above everyone else in the division, and he should keep the belt for as long as he wants.
5/25/08 2:24:23AM
BJ is one hell of a fighter, and he won me an avatar bet

He sounded like he wanted some of GSP, so after GSP stomps Fitch, by whatever GSP wants to do; I would love to see that fight again. If not the winner of Huerta and Ken-flo should be up next. IMO BJ will sub either one.
5/25/08 2:31:51AM
think how big of a fight that would be BJ vs GSP champ vs champ, the second fight and both fighters refocused as ever ready to throwdown and are as good as ever. Holy crap that would be crazy, if it happened down the line.
5/25/08 2:51:37AM
I dont think that Dana would ever okay a fight between 2 current belt holders!!!

What happens to the belt of 155 if GSP beats Penn!!! GSP wont go to 155, so who would be the belt holder at 155!!!

It just wont happen!!!

BJ should go up, but if he is fighting at 170, it means he will need to rest after a fight before he could go back and fight at 155, that would tie up the belt for too long,

The only reason a belt can be held up is because of TUF!!!
5/25/08 2:52:47AM
I agree with some others that BJ will fight the winner of Huerta vs Florian. I do think BJ will face GSP but not for a while.
5/25/08 2:52:49AM
I think if BJ moves up right away, he should get atleast a tune up fight in WW. I think Karo would be good, or Koscheck, or even Diego Sanches.
5/25/08 2:57:23AM

Posted by StriderXero

I think if BJ moves up right away, he should get atleast a tune up fight in WW. I think Karo would be good, or Koscheck, or even Diego Sanches.

5/25/08 8:33:18AM
I think he'll be willing to relinquish the LW title for a the WW and a chance at GSP. And the UFC might allow it to happen then.

But I think he should have at least one or two more title defenses before moving up.
5/25/08 11:23:22AM
I really want to see BJ Penn fight GSP again especially since he's the deadliest fighter out there when he's this focused. I thought he won the first fight with GSP and if he didn't gas out their's no doubt in my mind he would have finished GSP.

I say let him fight the winner of Florian/Huerta allowing GSP to get past Fitch(if he does) and have another title defense so he's a legit champion and then you have a big mega fight in late 09!!!
5/25/08 12:18:16PM
I want champions to defend belts. This would hold up both belts (GSP) and Hughes is meh whatever, at this point.

BJ could go down as the GOAT if he defends this belt consistently. Then maybe move back up for a super fight in like 2 years, course by then all the "super fights" of now the other guy willl have lost a bunch....
5/25/08 1:56:36PM
What will happen to BJ next? He'll probably coach a season of TUF and not defend his title for a year.
5/25/08 3:55:04PM
BJ needs to stay at 155 and fight the winner of KenFlo/Huerta like planned. After that fight i see no reason why he shouldn't go for a rematch with Georges. The one thing that scares me is BJ wants the Georges fight now and if he has to fight Ken/Rog i just wonder if he's gonna come hungry like he did in his last two fights. BJ is a weird dude. He's one of my favorite fighters but he is completely different depending on who he's fighting.
5/25/08 7:58:14PM
I think we need to stop getting ahead of ourselves and think about the division. Bj Penn is in a stacked division and though he is def number one in there, he needs to continue to prove that with defenses. GSP just got the belt back and we are talking about holding the WW division off again. Maybe if they both hold their belts after 4 defenses then do it but for now, we shouldnt jump to these kind of fights.

Anderson Silva if anyone, should be discussed for catch weight fights as he has defended the title against just about everyone in the division at least once.
5/26/08 3:40:54PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

i would say mostly likely the winner of huerta/florian because of gsp/fitch happeneing at 87. so setting up a match between gsp and penn would take awhile and gsp still has to beat fitch.

exactly, im kinda disappointed that damzig and guida are fighting. guida deserves a better fight in my opinion he is toward the top of 155. him and sherk would be an epic fight, clay would walk right through sherk and there in ending sherks ufc career. but o well the carpenter is a badass
5/26/08 8:18:27PM
yea i think penn vs huerta would be the most exciting match at 155. With penn's overall dominance of the division they need to put him up against someone who is explosive.
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