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4/5/12 5:14:56PM

Welcome to my blog, a place were I can free up some space in my head by releasing into the world some thoughts, ideas and general musings on a vast array of topics that have puzzled, interested and irritated me in equal measure, over the years. I’ve come to the realisation that I have to unburden myself in some way and if I carry on using my long suffering girlfriend as a sounding board she’ll soon be my ex long suffering girlfriend. So here I am, in the warm fuzzy embrace of the Internet.

James Thompson
4/6/12 2:38:09AM
i think we all know one of these guys. bottom line is, fighting is not for everybody. i know plenty of people that love the sport but would never compete because frankly, they are afraid of human contact. if they can admit it, then they gain far more respect than the ones that dont, who are coincidentally the same people james is talking about OR are the kind of people that talked shit to the wrestler's in highschool because they wrestled "other dudes", when in reality, wrestling is one of the most grueling, intense, competitive, and all around difficult sport that a young person can participate in and those idiots could never hack it. these kinds of people are scared, and this flaw in their personality will haunt them for their entire lives.

id rather be a punch drunk retard than lay in my bed as an old man asking myself why i let myself be scared and never pursued the things i really wanted to do.
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