Wes Sims: homeless to TUF House

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9/9/09 2:49:29PM
CP: Were you ever worried about the stigma of getting back into the UFC via the reality show? Or did you just think that whatever got you in the UFC was worth it?

WES SIMS: No, people understand. Good or bad, there’s nothing that’s going to hurt Wes Sims. I’m a certified black man when I want to be. I’ve been on BET. I was on the “Iron Ring” for God’s sakes.

You were? I didn’t know that. I guess I didn’t watch much of that show.

9/9/09 3:18:03PM
WES SIMMS : Yeah, if you did know that you wouldn’t have asked me that question. What’s going to hurt my career after that? Negative press? Bring it on! I was on “Iron Ring”! And David Isaac, if you read this, you still owe me money, fool

...negative press eh... enough said

certified black man pffffff come on wes
9/9/09 3:20:17PM
lol, i love Sims
9/9/09 4:17:26PM
9/10/09 3:18:57AM
Glad to see he had a text messaging plan while living under the bridge.

Now I know combat sports is no picknic...fighters go homless alot trying to make it big...most pick themselves back up...some don't...however I just don't believe Wes Sims when he said he was homless...maybe he got evicted for a night...but I doubt it was a long term thing.
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