Werdum or Kongo

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POLL: Werdum or Kongo
Werdum by Decision 13% (4)
Werdum by TKO 3% (1)
Werdum by Submission 65% (20)
Kongo by Decision 10% (3)
Kongo by TKO 10% (3)
Kongo by Submission 0% (0)
10/13/08 11:23:34AM
This is an interesting fight, who would win?
10/13/08 11:29:03AM
Werdum by submission 9 out of 10 times.
10/13/08 11:31:26AM
werdum...easily i would think.....kongo has an ever improving ground game, espcially in the wrestling department...but werdum is on a whole nother level there...plus with werdums vastly improved striking game, he will be able to hold off kongo's long enough to get it to the ground....then again, one kongo punch could change everything.
10/13/08 12:50:57PM
Werdum by kimura
10/13/08 3:14:56PM
Wrong forum, but I will post my reply anyway, Kongo by decision.
10/19/08 6:58:16PM
Kongo by Decision since Werdum almost never seems to go to the ground and aim for a submission it seems
10/31/08 11:54:14PM
Werdum would play to both his strenght and Kongo's weakness and take him down and easily submit him.
11/2/08 4:21:45AM

The Dos Santos fight was a setup, Werdum is still a legitimate contender
11/5/08 10:35:45PM
dos santos may turn out like houston axelander not certain but might happen
werdum is a top 10 fighter as soon as the fight hits the ground werdom by submission
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