Werdum isn't buying Overeem's injury

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9/12/09 10:34:34AM
Fabricio Werdum planned to make his August Strikeforce debut by challenging champion Alistair Overeem for his Strikeforce heavyweight belt. He did end up fighting at the Aug. 15 event, but against journeyman Mike Kyle, not Overeem.

The Dutch fighter cited a re-aggravated injury to his hand, originating in a bar brawl, as the reason for withdrawing from the fight.

Overeem has since been confirmed to fight Peter Aerts in a K-1 kickboxing bout on Sept. 26 in Seoul, Korea.

Werdum isn’t buying the injury.

9/13/09 12:01:10PM
Gummy Berry Juice!

Fantastic! Wish I could give Werdum Props for that one!
9/13/09 12:12:20PM
So let me throw in a little MMath for entertainment purposes

So everyone stated that CroCop was ducking Overeem a while back after their match that ended in an "uplifting" experience.

Werdum, is still not far off his KO loss to Santos, yet he gets a shot at the SF title, a title that will soon be taken by Fedor anyways.

Now we have Cro Cop fighting Santos and Overeem allegedly ducking Werdum.

So let me get this straight, Overeem is ducking a guy (Werdum) that got KOed by a guy (Santos) that is supposed to run a boxing clinic on the fighter (Cro Cop) that was supposed to be ducking him (Overeem).

Man, soap opera writers can't come up with this crap.
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