Welcome the new Lightweight champs!

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4/25/12 7:29:16PM
Jesustapped and I (the co-hosts of TheMMApodcast.com, starting this summer) are starting a new 2-person lightweight camp, aptly named TheMMApodcast.com.

Hopefully you tune in once we go live! ...and hopefully you don't get mad when we destroy your fight camp!

Good luck in this upcoming season, everyone!

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4/25/12 7:54:20PM
You've only got like 150 camps to compete against there.
5/3/12 3:14:56PM
Good luck to your camp, Jake. However, I am looking to add a few more members to our camp and if this does not work out for you, you and the rest of your camp are more than welcomed to join A Few Good Men.
5/5/12 1:23:57PM
I wish you luck and hope you become one of the top two members of your new camp.
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