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11/20/08 6:13:34PM
i eat circus peanuts once or twice a year sometimes more. they are orange marshmellow like candy that consists of pure sugar. i know of no one else who eats this crap and they sell so few of them that half the time the are hard and unedible. i dont know y i eat them but once i start i finish the whole bag. lets hear the crap u guys eat.
11/20/08 6:15:13PM
Vitamin P.
11/20/08 6:21:22PM
i drank the shit out of coke blak when they sold it. my sister and i were the only people who seemed to like it
11/20/08 6:28:17PM
galumpkis. maaaaaaad goood
11/20/08 6:42:26PM
um calimari if thats how ots spelled
11/20/08 6:53:17PM
cheddar cheese and bbq sauce
11/20/08 6:54:37PM
A1...on everything! Corn, mashed potatos, baked beans etc.
11/20/08 7:01:08PM
Sushi- a ton of people don't care for it

11/20/08 7:11:18PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

Sushi- a ton of people don't care for it

I love it. I find that most people are a little scared to try it, but I've never met anyone who doesn't like it once they get over their fear.
11/20/08 7:21:21PM
marshmellow peanut-butter sandwiches

nobody likes them down here cept me

an when i say marshmellow i mean that jet puff stuff.
11/20/08 7:23:05PM

Posted by 40ouncetofreedom

Vitamin P.

Luke Cummo is that you? lol

It really depends. I mean Calamari and sushi are things I eat on a regular basis. One thing I find strange are the people that eat cooked salmon, but not raw salmon because of the "fish taste". Raw salmon actually has less fish taste.

Not that I think that these are weird, but less commonly liked foods that I eat

brussel sprouts
Bracken Ferm Stems
Dried Anchovy
Lotus Roots
seaweed - different kind than the kind used for sushi
bread with squid ink
11/20/08 9:07:42PM
cow tongue is the only one i can think of.
11/20/08 10:10:28PM
Velvita Cheese and Grape Nuts mmmmmmmmmmmm
11/20/08 10:44:26PM
The best sandwich ever. Grilled pepper jack cheese with turkey and bacon(you fry the bacon seperatly and put it on the sandwich later) with A1 sauce. Mmmmmmm

Anyone that tries it will like it. It is just odd.
11/21/08 1:31:12AM
A bacon, sausage and cheese bun if i'm hungover from the night before
11/21/08 2:01:20AM
I actually eat strange insects in foreign countries every once in a while to freak out Marines I work the dreaded camel spider....centapedes....ect...
Food on the other hand, asparagus!
11/21/08 6:23:44AM
i make my sloppyjoes UBER sloppy and then i eat it with a fork
11/21/08 5:31:49PM
love asparagus but only eat insects 4 money when im drunk
11/21/08 5:39:43PM
A-1 Sauce and Tabasco on Hashbrowns. People always think that is weird.
11/21/08 5:40:53PM
Oysters for me.
And Squash--but with some brown sugar added and cooked on with some butter makes it THAT much better.
11/21/08 7:04:58PM
Sriracha on everything.
I'm with Stankie when it comes to Sardines too.
11/21/08 7:29:13PM

Posted by jae_1833

Food on the other hand, asparagus!

Do you get stinky pee?
11/21/08 8:08:53PM

Posted by Jackelope

A-1 Sauce and Tabasco on Hashbrowns. People always think that is weird.

i could put tabasco on ANYTHING! seriously, i would put it on ice cream if i felt like it
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