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10/24/07 7:13:51PM
im 157 pds. i have 3 options to wrestle at. 145, 152, and 160 what do you think i should wrestle at. im 6 ft 1
10/24/07 7:29:02PM
Wow the only one who knows that is you.

Try to cut weight and see how it feels and what kind of toll it takes on your body, then decide.
10/24/07 7:38:57PM
10/24/07 7:42:23PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars


It's not too hard of a cut and 145 is a bit much to be cutting on a weekly basis.
10/24/07 9:10:02PM
alright ill do 152, but theres another guy trying for that aswell. but ill try to get as low as possible
10/24/07 10:29:30PM
I'd go 152 as well because if your 6'1'' thats freakin beastly at a division like 152. If there are better wrestlers in that class then I'd just go up to 160 sinc eyou walk around that weight and you won't have to cut and lose really any energy...
10/25/07 5:31:53PM
theres not and im anoob. BTW how will beig tall help me?
10/25/07 6:00:31PM

Posted by danny81

theres not and im anoob. BTW how will beig tall help me?

You can control them when they can't touch you. You're shots will be longer, you'll have better hand control, etc. Two things that make for a great wrestler to go along with technique, is strength, and height. If you have all three, your gonna do decent.
10/25/07 6:06:10PM
alright thanks. I dont think ill be able to cut down to 145 so i think ill just stick at 152. ill also ask my coach what he thinks. ill try and lose as much weight as possible
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