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1/4/08 10:46:54PM
does anyone use any weight traning workouts that are made for other sports? i use boxing, wrestling, football, powerlifting, olympic lifting, Rugby workouts aswell. anything else i might be able to use? thanks.
1/4/08 10:57:38PM
well imo it isn't good to be powerlifting during wrestling season alot and doing all of those at the same time isn't a good idea but you probably aren't doing that. imo, circuit lifting during wrestling is the best...get your reps in and work all of the muscle groups. it is good to work out your forearms and quads a lot but don't strain yourself too much because wrestling practice usually works out the muscles by itself so isn't good to do too much. just do numerous lighter circuit workouts during wrestling and as for other sports the only one i can help you with is kickboxing in which shoulders and core workouts are usually key along with leg exercises.

i myself do not like weight training all that much so i do much of my workouts using my body weight or wearing hand and foot weights during practices.
1/4/08 11:04:57PM
yah lol. this stuff is done during the offseason.
1/4/08 11:08:41PM

Posted by danny81

yah lol. this stuff is done during the offseason.

o sorry i misunderstood. i suggest kettlebell workouts...those work for pretty much anything. they are widely popular in russia and fedor uses the quite often and i personally like the strength i gain from them.

Here is a website that goes into detail with them: LINK
1/4/08 11:30:35PM
thanks for the link. it was a good read
1/5/08 1:38:37AM
Deadlifts, squats, powerclean, and bench press are basically the only things you need to do.

works very well for rugby and wrestling
1/5/08 4:03:17PM
are you a rugby player? if so how similar are the workouts between rugby and MMA or wreslting