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POLL: Would you be excited for a 145lbs. class?
Yes those guys bring it. 91% (10)
No I only like the big guys 9% (1)
2/27/07 5:44:37PM
In the future how should the weight classes be broken down? How many should there be? Clearly boxing has way to many and mma not enough. I say more weight classes at the lower weights. I hope we see one of the major orgs add a 145 lbs. class.

2/27/07 6:00:46PM
i believe right now there is the right number of weight classes but as the sport grows more can be added. there are not enough top contenders to warrant additional weight classes
2/27/07 6:08:40PM
If ufc or pride gets a 145 lb weight class kid yamamoto will get his due finally that guy is a monster and the ufc fans would love his fighting style its very exciting. I would love it if ufc or pride get some lower weight classes like in between 185 and 205 that's a big difference, like 195. I think they should have a 165lb, and a 195 lbs weight class added.
2/27/07 10:52:55PM
I would love to see a featherweight division in a major organization. Also, I think in the future the weight classes should universally be that of the UFC or they should have a 160 LW, 175 WW, 190 MW, 205 LHW, and a 265 HW. The 190 MW is better for fighters at or around that weight. A 20 lb gap between MW and LHW is not the best way to have weight classes but it does work.
2/28/07 9:07:24AM
I said it on another thread but i will repeat.
145 is a great explosive divison. good fighters. Most are Japanese. This presents a problem for the UFC. Imagine a division where 2/3 of it is forigen and doesnt speak the language of the target market. This wouldn't work and the UFC will not make as much $$$ with fighters they cannot market, vs having a english speaking fighter.
2/28/07 5:39:35PM
I would love to see a FW class, the only reason you would think there wouldn't be enough contenders is because you don't know them yet. I think WW waters down the MW too much. I would say HW 265-205 LHW 205-185 MW 185-165 LW 165-145 FW 145 and down. 20 pound increments, nice and neat. I really feel the MW doesn't need to be broken up (and that matt hughes woulda been just as dominant).
2/28/07 6:55:34PM
145 needs to be a class, so many talented guys in that division.
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