What weight class impressed yo most in MMA this year?

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1/2/10 3:33:04PM
Just sitting here thinking about what a good year for MMA 09 was and was wondering what weight class my buddies on the Playground were most impressed with?

Well sorry guys forgot to put a poll up
I would have to go 145 its so wide open the battles I watched all over the diffrent orgs where amazing!
1/2/10 4:30:45PM
Featherweight impressed me the most in 2009 mostly because of its growth in star power. Guys like Bibiano, Aldo, Mackens, Hioki, Brown, Omigawa, Grispi, Maeda, Sandro, Takaya, Assuncao and Faber. It was one hell of a year for that division and expect it to skyrocket this year and maybe even compel the WEC into PPV status within a year or two.
1/2/10 4:48:53PM
Without a doubt 145
1/2/10 5:23:54PM
lightweight has been really awesome this year. from bjs dominance of kenflo and diego to aoki snapping hirotas arm just a couple nights ago and the hansen fight and also the ribiero fight and losing to mach.. melendez and thomson. diego and guida. kawajiri this year and griffin has been looking good too. and lets not forget cerrone and ben henderson. lightweight has really been spectacular
1/3/10 12:42:00PM
145 all day long
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