UFC ‘weighin-gate’: Diaz team wants GSP rematch

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3/26/13 6:23:21PM
First there was “glove-gate.” Now, another mini-controversy has emerged surrounding the UFC 158 main event between welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz and the athletic commission overseeing it, and Diaz’ legal team is now requesting that a rematch with St-Pierre take place or St-Pierre should vacate his title.

A hidden camera video taken backstage prior to the weigh-ins for the March 16 event at the Bell Centre in Montreal has revealed a suggestion of some impropriety involving the official results.

In the video, the UFC’s Senior VP of Business and Legal Affairs Michael Mersh is heard talking to Diaz’ camp and saying that he and St-Pierre would be given an extra hour to make weight if necessary and that they would not have to make the exact 170-pound weight limit for the title fight but could be up to 0.9 pounds over the mark because the Quebec commission doesn’t count the decimal.

A full transcription of the dialogue was provided by MMA.tv:

3/26/13 7:04:09PM
This really smells of sour grapes to me.

First, yes it sounded kind of shady for the commission to inform the Diaz camp of that loophole after it was probably too late. But St. Pierre has never had trouble making weight before in any location and there is no evidence that he was any decimal over 170 lbs at this weigh-in. Also, less than one pound difference is not going to have any effect on that fight.

Second, Jake Shields witnessed the glove wrap and never said anything until later on. If you are watching someone's hands be wrapped for a fight against your own teammate, you say something immediately if there is something wrong. You don't wait for your guy to get beat by something illegal.

All of the good sportsmanship that Diaz showed after the fight has been tossed right out the window. These are extremely juvenile attempts at trying to get something out of a technicality. Sour grapes. Diaz got beat handily in every round and should shut up his camp.
3/26/13 8:45:22PM
definitely a slimey feeling situation, but "weigh in gate"? Where did that come from, the mecca of article titles?
3/26/13 10:34:04PM
And it's so close to the name it should've been: Weight-gate.
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