UFC 82 Weigh In LIVE at 4pm ET / 1pm PT

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2/29/08 11:59:49AM
Today at 4pm eastern, 1pm pacific, watch

UFC 69 Official Program

the fighters competing in UFC 82 PRIDE OF A CHAMPION weigh in, live from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Click any of the logos below to watch the event on your computer

Results Link

Video Link ***Click The Top Video
2/29/08 1:03:38PM
I always miss these due to extenuating circumstances or i just plain don't know where to find it. Thanks for the find
2/29/08 1:47:11PM
Darn, 4 PM start time means it'll be all but over when I get home from work. Darn Friday rush hours around Washington. At least most of the news sites will have results up quickly.
2/29/08 2:30:13PM
Damn its alot earlier than normal, that would 21:00 my time when its usually 00:00

May have to stay on watch instead of going and smoking a fattie and watching Okami's fights like i was going too, hoping to see some way Tanner can win,

These weigh ins will be good tho, few fighters may have had trouble making weight and look a bit worse for wear - like Sakara and less so Hendo and Fitch
2/29/08 3:54:02PM
For those of you who can't watch it at 4 EST, u can go too the video archive at the UFC website (www.UFC.com) and watch a summery of it. (about 10-15 minutes instead of 1 hour - 2 hours)
2/29/08 4:01:53PM
thanks mon
2/29/08 4:02:36PM
Is it on now?

My PC will crash or the stream will be terrible im sure
2/29/08 4:07:09PM
stream isnt working on my comp. anyone else?
2/29/08 4:15:57PM
I dont think its on just yet, 4:15pm
2/29/08 4:18:59PM

Posted by silverbullet

I dont think its on just yet, 4:15pm

FFS do the UFC think we like twiddling our thumbs for 15 mins!!! still not on and i make it 18 minutes past
2/29/08 4:23:27PM
Its almost over for me, but the colors are really messed up so i couldnt see anything. Try this link: http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/ufcppv/82

Edit: Nevermind its done
2/29/08 4:31:04PM
On UFC.com i didnt work for me, but as soon as i checked on yahoo, it was perfect, so i only missed the first fight weigh-in, Arlovski looks focused and so is O'Brien, both look in shape, Heath herring looks to be in great shape, can notice he was been working on his cardio, kongo same as always (muscular), hendo weighed in at 184.5, so i dont think weight cutting was much of a problem. Leben also looks to be in shape.


Anderson Silva (185) vs. Dan Henderson (184.5)
Heath Herring (248) vs. Cheick Kongo (233.5)
Chris Leben (185) vs. Alessio Sakara (185)
Yushin Okami (184.5) vs. Evan Tanner (185)
Jon Fitch (170) vs. Chris Wilson (169.5)

Andrei Arlovski (241) vs. Jake O’Brien (231.5)
Luke Cummo (170) vs. Luigi Fioravanti (170.5)
Dustin Hazelett (170) vs. Josh Koscheck (169.5)
David Bielkheden (170) vs. Diego Sanchez (169.5)
Jorge Gurgel (154.5) vs. John Halverson (155)
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2/29/08 4:59:59PM
Henderson looks good! And Silva looks cocky...I really hope Dan pounds him out. I'm excited as hell for this fight
2/29/08 5:56:23PM
i can't find it on ufc.com now that its over is there anywhere i can watch it , link anyone??

edit.... found it on espn
2/29/08 6:56:14PM
I dont know about you guys but the stare down between Arlovski and O'Brien made me poop my pants
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