Weigh-ins for Wednesday's UFN

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12/8/08 1:41:54PM
Since people will be asking and I just found out details, I'll try and answer all the questions now:
Weigh-ins for UFC Fights For The Troops are tomorrow at 5 PM ET at a Ft. Bragg, NC sports bar. Free as usual to attend but this time it might be restricted to area military personnel only.

Now the answer to the question that will be asked repeatedly: NOWHERE. NO TV OR LIVE INTERNET STREAMING ANYWHERE. Question answered! Mania will post results as soon as possible and I'm sure most of the other news sites will too...that hopefully will be by 6 PM ET. If you're going and want to know what' shappening (there will be the usual pre-event Q&A & autograph signings) check out more after the jump:

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