UFC 95 Weigh-Ins Results

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2/20/09 11:52:23AM
The weigh-ins for tomorrow's UFC 95 event have just concluded. Everyone made weight so the entire 10-fight card is now official.

2/20/09 1:50:58PM
Good job everybody.

Im still suprised markham vs hardy is the co-main event. Over Marquardt vs Gouviea since this fight preview was on the countdown.

But either way should be an exciting card.
2/20/09 2:12:54PM
Hardy's the hometown fighter. Simple as that.
2/20/09 2:28:41PM
It is pretty strange to go from undercard to co-main event--because yes he's the hometown fighter, but he was the hometown fighter last time at UFC 89 and he still didn't even make the main card of a free event. Even Rory Markam is coming off of a prelim card--from a free event as well. So the co-main event is two fighters who didn't even make the main card on a non PPV UFC. That's pretty crazy no matter how you put it.

I'm not complaining because I think it will be an awesome fight--I just think maybe they should have pushed a little further down the main card, because the fight that will have the biggest ramifications in the UFC is between Maia and Sonnen.

2/21/09 1:59:09AM
Man I love this card to be honest, Brian Cobb's hard-work is finally paying of, and we are pretty much guaranteed a Knockout in the Co-Main Event in Hardy vs Markham ( Both exciting Fighters but I'm still really puzzle as why this is Co-Headlining), I really hope we get to see some of the Prelims as well.
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