UFC 97 weigh-ins about to start

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4/17/09 5:57:38PM
Just a reminder...I always seem to forget.

4/17/09 6:01:00PM
Elliot vs Vinny and Grant vs Chonan are tough for me to pick...hopefully weighins will help me decide.
4/17/09 6:12:21PM
On now but there seems to be no audio.

Bielkheden missed. 157.

So far...
Sam Stout (155) vs. Matt Wiman (155)
TJ Grant (169) vs. Ryo Chonan (171)
Mark Bocek (154) vs. David Bielkheden (157)*
David Loiseau (185) vs. Ed Herman (186)
Jason MacDonald (186) vs. Nate Quarry (186)
Xavier Foupa-Pokam (185) vs. Denis Kang (185)
Eliot Marshall (205) vs. Vinny Magalhaes (204)
Krzyzstof Soszynski (204) vs. Brian Stann (206)
Luiz Cane (206) vs. Steve Cantwell (205)
Antoni Hardonk (249) vs. Cheick Kongo (232)
Mauricio Rua (206) vs. Chuck Liddell (206)
Thales Leites (185) vs. Anderson Silva (182)
4/17/09 6:14:29PM
Did Ryo look good?
4/17/09 6:17:50PM
Fine. X looked great opposite Liu Kang.

OK, now we have audio!

Soszynski ripped next to Stann.
4/17/09 6:21:00PM
Professor X looks like hes in incredible shape. Makes a tought fight for me to call that little bit trickier. Not suprised to hear David missed weight. Dude cuts an incredible amount of weight. Thats another tough pick for me.
4/17/09 6:23:06PM
Not sure what they'll do about David, audio wasn't working so I couldn't hear what they were saying.
4/17/09 6:23:43PM
Banha is an animal!

Looking forward to complete devastation
4/17/09 6:25:33PM
HAHA, no love for Nogun!

Chuck still sort of has the gut.
4/17/09 6:26:57PM
How the hell did Leites get a title shot again anybody.......?
4/17/09 6:31:27PM
182! Wow.

See y'all tomorrow night!
4/17/09 6:31:31PM
Silva weighed 182?
4/17/09 6:33:07PM

Posted by grappler0000

Silva weighed 182?

GSP Vs Silva catchweight bout headlining the final event of 2009 ?
4/17/09 6:33:14PM
Thanks for the heads up. Shogun looked real good. Hoping for a war.
4/17/09 6:36:16PM
Did Vinny look like an action figure again? ... not that it helped much against Bader...

And how much taller was Elliot?
4/17/09 6:37:46PM

Posted by grappler0000

Silva weighed 182?

That's what they said, 182!

Bielkheden will be given extra time to make weight, he should as it's only 1 pound.
4/17/09 7:50:52PM

Posted by DCRage

Posted by grappler0000

Silva weighed 182?

That's what they said, 182!

Bielkheden will be given extra time to make weight, he should as it's only 1 pound.

No, I was watching...just didn't expect it.
4/17/09 10:56:24PM
I was at the Bell Center to see this today. I don't know if you guys who watched it online got to hear the crowd reactions, but some of them were surprising. There were a LOT of people booing Shogun, but Herman definitely got booed the worst and looked kind of upset about it. Loiseau's going to have a very big boost from the crowd come fight time.

Cane got no reaction either way, which is weird because I always assumed he was popular.

I thought Quarry looked really intense and focused, but Mac also looked confident. I wonder if Quarry thinks he's figured something out from his fight with Maia.

Man I'm excited for tomorrow night!
4/18/09 12:38:41AM
So did Bielkheden make weight or what?
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