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3/31/09 4:02:15PM
Feel free to post them here when they're available.
3/31/09 4:21:32PM
5 PM ET start according to Junkie, NO LIVE STREAMING ANYWHERE. A highlights package is expected to be made available later.

Edit: Jimimak, keep the flaming & insults off the boards.

2nd edit: They're now underway...
Carlos Condit (170.5) vs. Martin Kampmann (170)
Ryan Bader (206) vs. Carmelo Marrero (205)
Rafael dos Anjos (156) vs. Tyson Griffin (156)
Junie Browning (156) vs. Cole Miller (156)
Jeremy Stephens (158) vs. Gleison Tibau (156.5)
Ryan Jensen () vs. Steve Steinbeiss ()*
Ricardo Almeida (185.5) vs. Matt Horwich (185)
Brock Larson (171) vs. Jesse Sanders (171)
Nick Catone (186) vs. Tim Credeur (186)
Nissen Osterneck (186) vs. Jorge Rivera (185)
Rob Kimmons (185) vs. Joe Vedepo (184)
Tim McKenzie (184.5) vs. Aaron Simpson (186)

Both Stephens and Tibau have missed weight. Looks like it'll be catch weight at 158.

*-Both Jensen and Steinbeiss did not weigh in. More as it becomes available.
3/31/09 5:22:16PM
Stephens and Tibau miss weight? If Gleison is only a half pound over, he should be able to shed it in the hour provided. Stephens may have a tough time making it though.
3/31/09 5:23:42PM
Looks like it. Also appears BOTH Jensen & Steinbeiss are no-shows. More on that when it becomes available.

Edit: Looks like catchweight. 158.
3/31/09 5:29:05PM
Tibau weighed in with his shorts on. He may have been able to make weight if he just took them off. Couldn't he have taken a percentage of Stephens purse if he made weight but Stephens didn't?

Edit: I'm kind of upset about Steinbeiss/Jensen. I was hoping to make a little bank off of Steinbeiss.
3/31/09 5:32:15PM
since they both missed weight do they lose money or what cause gleason should shed that half if thats the case.
3/31/09 5:32:26PM
Not sure, and it appears they were only going to be given one chance. I would say the logical solution here is just fine them both, but given typical missed weight protocol, who's getting the money? Dana? I'm more interested as to what's up with Jensen-Steinbeiss, my first guess is one of them didn't get cleared.

Edit: Update on Jensen-Steinbeiss: They are now hitting the scales.

2nd edit; Jensen & Steinbeiss weights should be known soon. Also, Stephens weighed in a second time after everyone else weighed in. Awaiting results.
3/31/09 6:06:20PM
so the jensen/steinbeiss fight is still on?

Cus im banking on steinbeiss!!
3/31/09 6:32:19PM
On. Both came in at 186. The reason they didn't weigh in at first was an "administrative issue" according to Junkie. Also, Stephens-Tibau is now officially catchweight at 158.
3/31/09 6:55:31PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

so the jensen/steinbeiss fight is still on?

Cus im banking on steinbeiss!!

I wouldn't put any wagers on this bout yet, because the UFC site says the bout is on hold pending an administrative issue.
3/31/09 7:57:57PM
Now the bout is off, is what I saw on mania.

I just took my 1000 off steinbeiss.
3/31/09 8:28:42PM
problems with jensen and his medicine or something in that range.
3/31/09 9:07:00PM
He was taking Adderal. Same thing happened to Credeur if I'm not mistaken. Shows up like meth does in the piss test.

Jensen not cleared
3/31/09 9:11:47PM
as someone in college where, there is a lot of adderal goin around, im glad it is a banned substance i dont know why any fighter would need to be on adderal...
3/31/09 9:26:27PM
Its usually prescribed to patients with ADD or something like that.
3/31/09 9:35:25PM
Bummer about Steinbeiss. He was going to help me get a bankroll back.
4/9/09 7:48:15PM
I've been friends with Jensen for about 15 years. I was with him the whole month of March in Albuquerque, helping with his training camp at Greg Jackson's. Ryan has had ADD for as long as I can remember -- to be honest, I'm not too keen on the use of pharmaceuticals for the treatment of ADD/ADHD. I think better/different parenting, teaching, etc, could be very beneficial for kids with ADD, but I've witnessed firsthand how much medication does help, in the case of Jensen.

With that being said, Jensen has disclosed the use of his prescription medication since day one. The Athletic Commissions in California, Ohio, Nebraska, etc. did not have a problem with it, and obviously allowed him to fight. Jensen had his pre-fight physical done in late February, where he disclosed his Adderall prescription. On Wednesday, March 25th, he faxed paperwork for his sponsors, etc, and again disclosed his prescription as well. Nothing was said until he was about to weigh in, on Tuesday, March 31st.

The last time Jensen took the medication was the morning of Monday, March 30th -- and it was only 5 mg, which is a very small dose relative to what others with ADD/ADHD take. It is not uncommon for individuals to take up to 150 mg per day.

When he was about to go on the stage for the weigh-ins, the Tennessee AC stopped him. They said that Adderall was a banned substance, and that he could not fight. Former Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and current Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for the UFC, Marc Ratner, argued with Tennessee officials on Jensen's behalf. The Tennessee AC said that the prescription medication Ritalin (methylphenidate) was allowed, but not Adderall. Both drugs are FDA approved for the treatment of ADD/ADHD, and act as Central Nervous System stimulants. Their method of action is virtually identical.

The half life of Adderall is 11-13 hours, and given the dose Jensen was taking, he would have in all likelihood passed the post-fight drug test. In fact, Jensen volunteered to take a drug test on Tuesday, March 31st, to prove that the medication was out of his system. The Tennessee AC would not administer a drug test, and told him that he could not fight on Wednesday, April 1st.

Like I stated, numerous state athletic commissions have allowed him to compete, and he has had a legitimate prescription for years. He provided the Tennessee AC documentation from his physician, as well as documentation from other state commissions that had cleared him to fight in the past, while using his prescribed medication.

The Tennessee AC dropped the ball on this. Jensen did everything expected of him as a fighter -- he showed up in shape, and made weight. They're the ones who should be scrutinized...
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