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8/12/08 8:37:28AM
I would like any information on or experience from someone who has attended one of these events. These being my first time going to something like this I don’t want to be fumbling around town trying to figure it all out once I get there. I’ve noticed that in a lot of pictures of people with a fighter its as if they just happen to be at the same place at the same time type thing. Is this normally the way it happens or is there a fan based event you can go to where you can meet them?
Where will the weigh in’s take place or where they normally take place?
When do they take place?
How much does something like that normally cost to go to?
Obviously I wouldn’t know where to start so any information would be greatly appreciated.

8/12/08 9:03:06AM
Never been to one but here's what I know about them:
Usually they're the day before the event.
They'll normally take place at the event venue or in the venue's parking lot.
They're usually free.
Fans are welcome to attend, although UFC Fight Club members may get preferential access/treatemnt.
8/12/08 10:24:28AM
Yup, if you are a fight club member with the UFC you get priority seating for weigh-ins. You'll have to wait in line for a few hours to get front row seats at the weigh ins. At 87 Wanderlei, Rampage and Dana all were signing autographs and taking pics with people by the front row. They usually have autograph signings that day also prior to the weigh ins. It is free to go and worth it, imo.

The Fight Club should have a party following the weigh ins and a whole crap load of fighters usually show up. At ours a few days ago Rampage,Guida and some trainers hung out for a bit.
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