Will Weidman be the man to end the king's reign ???

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POLL: who will take it ?
Anderson 66% (19)
Weidman 34% (10)
3/7/13 2:51:00AM
this has been discussed before, but i would just like to hear everyone's opinions and discussion seeing as it is now a reality.

There is nothing else i can say really. Anderson has proved time and time again that he is a freak and beaten all comers.

I really like weidman's wrestling style and he has also shown to be active with his subs. He has not been afraid to strike with anyone either. He is also a massive mw. Down side is he has been out of action for a while.

Silva's reign has to end sometime, maybe it will happen with weidman ? maybe this is a good thing. Silva has stated that he would like to keep on fighting. Him losing the title would surely open up superfight talks again with either jones or gsp.

3/7/13 6:08:55AM
If Chael couldn't do it Weidman doesn't stand a chance.
3/7/13 9:18:24AM
The only person I would pick over Anderson prospectively would be Jones
3/7/13 9:22:32AM
He will actually be the SECOND man to end his reign...but yeah....he will.
3/7/13 10:16:15AM
One word answer of.....NO.
3/7/13 11:16:58AM

Posted by Theoutlaw08

One word answer of.....NO.

Nope. He will be somewhat hyped heading into the fight like most contenders but afterwards the Weidman pickers will be back here going 'what the f*** were we thinking?'.
3/7/13 12:49:39PM
every mma fighter can beat the other on any given night, bc it's mma. but am i going to PICK someone w/ Weidman's record to defeat Anderson? No.
3/7/13 10:51:04PM
I think not but I think he has ability, Anderson seems to destroy everybody that is a real contender and I think he takes Weidman serious.
3/8/13 10:44:37PM
It should be the most competeive fight that Anderson has had since Silva/Sonnen I. That said, Weidman is too green. Anderson has too many tools and tricks that Weidman has ever encountered in an opponent before. Weidman has also never fought in the Championship Rounds, but I don't think he even makes it to them.

A. Silva KO Round 3. Book it.
3/9/13 12:35:17AM
I just saw the opening money line started at Silva -215. It's moved around some since opening.
3/9/13 3:15:56AM
Hes going to drill footwork repeatedly or shoot in from the outside.
3/9/13 3:51:15AM
if weidman fights smart then yeah i can actually see him winning. Anderson has a flaw and that is his TD defense. or wrestling rather. Everyone that fights him most often then not does EXACTLY what anderson wants them to do. and that is punch first. silva is a counter puncher and the quicker people realize that the faster this guy will lose already
3/10/13 10:37:14PM
Weidman is the toughest figher that Anderson has faced in a long time...I think he has the chops to do it...we will see
3/14/13 11:10:58AM
Gotta say no. Weidman still hasn't beaten any contenders. (I don't count Munoz)