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3/25/09 8:49:19PM
Hey guys i thought I'd let you guys know I got lucky and won a contest and they flew me out to Arizona. It was probably the best weekend of my life. Here's the jist of it.

I flew into Arizona and was supposed to ride a tram to the hotel. Well on the way there it didn't really end where it was supposed to and ended up pretty far from my hotel. So Bader called me and told me he was going to pick me up and take me with him and some of the guys from AZCS and some of the guys he wrestled with at Arizona. So he didn't have to and wasn't supposed to because it wasn't part of winning but he picked me up and took me to Buffalo Wild Wings. I sat with Bader and CB and some other guys they wrestled with and watch UFC 96 with them!!! It was great!Best thing in the world! We hung out and talked and it was just a great night. He took me to my hotel and said we'd do something tmr. too even though i was only really supposed to watch them practice on that monday.

The next day he called me up and said we were going to a pool. Him and CB and some of the other guys from his wrestling days came picked me up and we went to the W hotel. We hung out there pretty much all day and the place was beautiful. It was a great hotel and amazing pool on the roof dang it was great. After that we went to his house hung out for a little bit and then grab something to eat. It was awesome! Seriously the koolest people in the world so down to earth and hilarious! CB is a real funny guy and Bader is just the nicest guy yall meet.

Monday I got to see them train and spar and it was intense. I met everyone pretty much in the camp and took pictures and all that jazz. I actually got to hold the Ultimate Fighter Trophy Bader won for Season 8 and take pictures. It was amazing. After that we chilled at Baders and Cb's house and watched some TV. Bader took me to the air port while we talked about the LHW division and match ups and such and that was my weekend.

I got a bunch of pictures on my myspace here
3/25/09 9:17:36PM
Sounds awsome.
3/25/09 10:58:13PM
That's awesome, man. Where/when/how did you enter this contest?
3/25/09 11:46:49PM
Hmm i can't honestly remember when i entered it it must have been in early December to January. I won it over on the LG fighter website after writing a blog about "the greatest mma fan" This is when the LG fighter was Ryan Baders manager which he is not anymore but those are semantics i suppose. But yes I won it over there
3/26/09 12:54:48AM
Congrats for winning the contest.Thats cool when you meet people like that and they're down to earth guys who are just normal to hang out with.
3/27/09 1:16:27PM
i would wreck all of them =)))) aha jk ur lucky =p sounds amazing , im trying to get into ATT after HS =) doubt thatll happen
3/29/09 3:54:51PM
That is awseome man. I live just a few miles from ACS, but haven't actually been there ................ yet. The W is a real nice place, some great trim.

Now you know why everyone says the west is the best,
3/29/09 8:47:31PM

Posted by The_Ho_Bag

i would wreck all of them =)))) aha jk ur lucky =p sounds amazing , im trying to get into ATT after HS =) doubt thatll happen

... You know who to call...
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