1 Week Until Shogun vs. Jones, Any predictions?

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POLL: Who is gonna win next weeks main event?
Shogun Rua 56% (15)
Jon Bones Jones 44% (12)
3/11/11 11:36:53PM
I want to know what you guys have in mind for next weeks battle.

Shogun or Jones?

I say Jones by KO before 3rd round. Anytime after its Shogun by Decision.

Gonna be one hell of a war though
3/11/11 11:47:29PM
shogun... via brutal leg kicks. jones chicken legs wont last and what if im fighter bashin wanna fight about it???
3/12/11 12:07:35AM
Jones TKO-rd. 3

The 19th can't come soon enough.
3/12/11 12:42:30AM
I've been going back and forth on this fight. I still have no idea yet
3/12/11 12:46:55AM
Shogun by ko baby
3/12/11 12:52:00PM
Shogun strikes are like the Bruce Lee of MMA, Untouchable. But Jon Jones is the same exact way. I dont think he will KO Bones, but a submission or a Unanimous Decision maybe. Jones is well prepared. His strikes are devastating, great ground game, and his last fight was 5 weeks ago. It will make for a great fight. I am skeptical about Shogun because his last fight was one year ago, and his knee was blown out. So he says its better now, but we will see next week.

3/12/11 1:19:51PM
I truly believe Jones is completely overhyped. He's a great fighter, yes. But his top opponent ever has been Bader. He's never really been faced with adversity in his fights. I haven't seen him off his back personally. His strikes standing are creative, yes but as far as comparing him to Bruce Lee that's a little ridiculous. Jones could be champ, yes but I just don't think he'll be able to overcome Shogun's experience in big fights and his technical abilities.

I'll agree the biggest concern for me as a Shogun fan is his knee issues. He's had a long battle with injuries throughout his career and I just can't see ring rust really being that big of an issue in this one.

Jones could definitely beat Shogun and show that I'm just talking out my ass but I've got all the confidence in the world that Shogun is going to be celebrating come April 19th while Jones is on his back wondering what happened.

3/12/11 3:41:32PM
Jones is too big and too much reach advantage

I want shogun to win. But jones is the future. And the future starts now!!!
3/12/11 6:16:56PM

Posted by RustyRedWood206

shogun... via brutal leg kicks. jones chicken legs wont last and what if im fighter bashin wanna fight about it???

Rusty, Nobody likes a Koscheck attitude. Maybe sherdog forums are for you
3/12/11 7:02:00PM
This is the biggest strongest guy Shogun has ever fought, and I think that includes Rampage, I still think that technique will prevail, I'm sticking with my boy Shogun.
3/12/11 7:36:49PM
I think Shogun will win but Jon Jones is going to be one hell of a first title defense for him. I think he will be able to knock jones out in the second round.
3/13/11 2:02:02PM
I agree, if Jones doen't finish him before the 3rd it's all shogun! I say shogun keeps his belt.
3/13/11 7:23:30PM
If jones doesnt finish it, Shogun will
3/14/11 10:59:37PM
hard to pick, i got jones though ( 2nd round k.o. ) this is the best matchup at 205!
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