WEC’s Varner Plans to Show MMA World He’s No One-Hit Wonder

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5/5/08 1:49:12PM
Jamie Varner hears his critics, those who believe the World Extreme Cagefighting lightweight champion’s unexpected victory over “Razor” Rob McCullough was more dumb luck than stroke of genius. Their doubts only stoke his competitive fires.

Nearly three months have passed since the dynamite in Varner’s hands left McCullough a battered and beaten man against the cage at WEC 32, but little has changed for the confident 23-year-old Arizonan. The same hunger that drove him past McCullough on that February night in Albuquerque, N.M., drives him still.

5/5/08 3:12:57PM
Varner used some very basic boxing skills to destroy a so-called world class Muay Thai fighter.
5/5/08 6:16:57PM
I hate Varner. He's not a good person at all. With that said, he's a very good wrestler, boxer, and fighter. He's not a one hit wonder...but I wish he were.
5/5/08 10:57:18PM
Cant stand Varner i hope he loses, but he should walk away with a win...
5/5/08 10:59:34PM
Give him Marcus Hicks! I would love that fight!

Marcus would beat him and end his reign! He's just too damn tough to get stopped with a great chin and huge heart and his Guillotines are tight as heck and will catch Varner in one!!
5/5/08 11:16:40PM
since they are putting lighter weights to the WEC and heavier to the UFC.. i would like to see.

Varner v. B.J.
Condit v. St. Pierre
Filho v. Hendo/Franklin
Stann v. Any LHW
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