Possible WEC upsets tonight?

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2/13/08 5:54:50PM
I don't know about you guys, but I have a feeling that Varner is going to pull off the upset. No doubt, Razor Rob is dangerous, I just feel that Varner is going to tapout Razor in the 2nd with a rear naked choke. I know everyone was saying the same thing with Cleat, but I knew that was a long shot. Rich is a good fighter, but him and Varner are not in the same league imo. This will be a close match and both are evenly matched, yet I see Varner pulling off the win and we'll get to see his crazy victory antics...again.

Torres vs. Beebe will also be a good fight. Torres is underrated in this fight for sure and I almost picked him to win, but I feel that Chase is going to grind out a decision. I won't be surprised if Torres pulls off a slick sub or grinds out a decision himself. He is more well rounded than Beebe and is more dangerous than Yahya, yet I just see Beebe being a work horse in this fight and keeping the belt.

Prater vs. Condit...There is a definite chance that Prater can win. However, I think Condit has evolved more as a fighter and will get his revenge here. I picked him by sub. in the 2nd rd. It is unlikely that he'll sub Prater, yet I just see him catching him in a bad position after some ground and pound.

2/13/08 6:06:24PM
I have Varner winner .

2/13/08 6:21:47PM

Posted by tuvok500

I have Varner winner .

Yeah, I'm hoping I don't get screwed on another risky pick. I tend to favor underdogs and I feel Varner has a real good chance of winning.
2/13/08 6:43:24PM
The only reason why I picked Varner was for the +2 bonus.
If it was normal, I woulda picked Rob.

Tonight will be awesome though!
2/13/08 7:18:03PM
This is a rare event, in that I can easily see all three titles going to the challenger. Should be worth watching.
2/14/08 12:39:51AM
how long does it take for the scores to get updated?
2/14/08 4:29:27AM
They're up now.

Damn, two titles change hands. I called Torres, but I dropped the ball on the other two. Figured Razor Rob would get a TKO cut from some elbows and punches, and figured Prater would outwork Condit on the ground.
2/14/08 7:26:46AM
I picked 2 upsets myself but only got 1 right. Had Torres beating Beebe, but I took Prater over Condit and had McCullough retaining.
2/14/08 11:28:21AM
Wow, there were quite a few upsets. Great night of fights! I was surprised to see Garcia win. Garcia is always game and ready to fight, I just didn't see him upsetting the #5 featherweight in the world. Bancho is one bad dude and I thought his stand up was going to be Garcia's downfall. Man was I wrong. That was a hell of a TKO, I am glad he got the win!
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