WEC 44 Now Targeted For November 18

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9/15/09 10:41:07AM
Although the event had long been rumored to be held on November 11, it now appears WEC 44 will be held on November 18. WEC recently requested the date from the NSAC, and although not yet approved the date likely will hold up. The event likely will be at The Pearl at The Palms in Las Vegas.

9/15/09 1:04:15PM
When was the last time WEC did a wednesday show? I'd prefer a saturday events for the WEC.
9/15/09 4:44:52PM
So would I, but this is a bad time for weekends just because of football. I think the last weekday event was earlier this year.

As for the date, it's now official. WEC announced it earlier today.
9/15/09 6:00:25PM
I think I am looking forward to Aldo v. Brown more than any other announced match-up right now, I say they just skip 43 and go straight to 44
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