Where the WEC stands vs. the world

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4/18/08 4:10:58AM
Hold on right quick!!! UFC is the Big homie and WEC is the little homie. Everything else ain't even really worth to be mentioned as far as fight promotion goes. What I mean by all of this is that although Dream, elitexc, strikeforce, dream, hero, and all these other promotions have excellent fighters which I am huge fans of and even more facinated about what type of matchups they can bring american-organization promoted fighters still ZUFFA puts on more of a professional fight sport to the audience rather then these other corporrations make fights look like tough man competions comparied a srrea vs. st. pierre 2 which is undoubtable going to be a lot more widely regarded as more of an event then a sylvia vs fedor or jz vs aoki 2. WEC has talent. Miguel torres, chase beebe, maeda, faber, pulver of old, curran, cub, condit, prater, filho, sonnen, marshall, stann. I mean the list is getting bigger with the type of top p4p talent they can add with 135lbs and 145lbs. P4p talent!! "kid", madea, a lot off these small, but real talented asian fighters!! The rest of the world still has a long way to go before they make an even playing field with ZUFFA owned, UFC and WEC.
4/18/08 4:52:27AM
I dunno man, jz vs aoki is a fight im pretty excited about, and fedor fighting actual competition for the first time in however many years is going to be pretty anticipated. I think the class differance in those to fights is closer than what it is in gsp vs serra, i think gsps on a whole other level to serra. Just my opinion of course.
4/18/08 11:06:50AM
I hear you man. The WEC is a great venue that is only getting better.
They have great fighters and you're right. It is a very professional organization.
I look forward to their fight nights.
4/19/08 2:06:53AM
JZ vs Aoki is a top level fight. I think it ranks right up there with serra vs GSP. It is the casual fan who only watches UFC that would not understand the magnitude of such a fight. MMA fans will tell you that this fight is very important and could determine who the best LW in the world is. If these two fought in the UFC or the WEC they would be right there with BJ and Sherk. They would own the LW division in the WEC.