WEC signs British fighter Brad Pickett

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10/30/09 10:03:07PM
Brad ’One Punch’ Pickett (17-4) has been signed to a multi-fight deal with the WEC and will debut for the promotion early 2010, Fighters Only can reveal. The London fighter will be entering the 135lb division and has as many as six fights on his contract, WEC general manager Reed Harris told us today.

“Brad Pickett has never really fought on the big, big shows, yet everyone knows who he is. That is a testament to the kind of fighter that he is. He is going to be fight at 135lbs, and I think at bantamweight he is going to be very, very dangerous. I am excited about bringing him in, I really am,” he said. “He is on a seven-fight winning streak I believe, that’s a hell of a run.”

10/30/09 11:40:55PM
WEC would be smart to sign Robbie Oliver while they are at it....Brad's got a really horrible moniker for a submission fighter to, hopefully they change that.
10/31/09 1:21:47AM
Not a bad pickup for the WEC.
10/31/09 4:57:34AM

Nice work WEC
10/31/09 11:30:27AM
Great addition to the 135 division. Set him up with Noah Thomas for his debut...that would be a good first fight I think
10/31/09 12:07:25PM
Bout time.
10/31/09 12:16:29PM
Really glad One Punch has been picked up. Nice to see what he can do on the bigger stage.

10/31/09 2:00:33PM
So far his big stage experience includes Tokoro owning him. He'll have a size advantage in most fights at 135.
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