wec in san diego back stage winner!!

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1/24/09 9:49:10PM
your truly won on thur a back stage pass
finally for years i have qusetioning why i buy a fight club membership and today it payed off

i must say in my home town i was a little upset
first security as well as ufc/wec personnal didn't know who to let in for the question and answer with condit and brown. it said clearly open to public and they were not gonna let anyone in unless they were fight club fans, they finally agreed to open it to the public

second the turn out was bad only like a hundred or two at the most came for the weigh ins, bad turnout

third the security at sports arena would not allow cameras with lens caps in, what a dumb rule never heard of this before. alot of people had to put them in their cars but your truly hid my camera down my pants and walked in

ufc personnal came and got my friend and i gave us backstage passes
she was a real sweety, i met and talked to faber, carlos condit, frank mir
but the best was ryan bader
we met him cool guy i asked alot of questions for us fans from is ufc 100 gonna be 4th of july, to when is the ufc coming back to so cal

to germany card to san antonio/new orleans sit, to junie browning. some i can't say but she was insightful, i even asked why the card was so bad in columbus cause i am going. she did try to dodge some questions, but they did make sense. tommorrow is the fights, i will be in backstage again before card starts i will be able to walk in the cage touch the mat with my hand, feel the cage. ohh and i saw three penises from fighters today cause they didn't make weight and i had a side seat that the towel did not shield away.
1/25/09 12:25:30AM
Ok so I don't understand anything you said! other then you saw 3 guys junk! Why would you brag about that?
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