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12/16/10 5:52:02PM
We're underway!
Renan Berao beat Chris Cariaso by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:47 of round 1.
Yuri Alcantara beat Ricardo Lamas by KO at 3:26 of round 1.
Danny Castillo beat Will Kerr by KO at 1:25 of round 1.
Eddie Wineland beat Ken Stone by KO at 2:11 of round 1.
Brad Pickett beat Ivan Menjivar by unanimous decision, 3 29-28s.
Shane Roller beat Jamie Varner by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:55 of round 1.
Danny Downes beat Zhang Tie Quan by unanimous decision, 1 30-27 and 2 29-28s.
TV fights:
Kamal Shalorus beat Bart Palaszewski by split decision, 30-27 Shalrous, 29-28 Palaszewski, 29-28 Shalrous.
Donald Cerrone beat Chris Horodecki by submission (triangle) at 2:43 of round 2.
WEC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz beat Scott Jorgensen by unanimous decision, 3 50-45s, to retain the title and become the first UFC Bantamweight Champion.
Anthony Pettis beat WEC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson by unanimous decision, 1 49-46 and 2 48-47s, to become the final WEC Lightweight Champion.

Post-fight presser is scheduled to begin at midnight ET, live streaming via the usual outlets.
12/16/10 5:54:08PM
I have been away from the forums for awhile now...but I am back for the undercard of this last WEC event. Lets party!!

GOOD LUCK FRIENDS!!! (I need to keep my top 10 spot in the secondary league tonite!!)
12/16/10 6:14:20PM
Round 1 - It's the first fight of the WEC's and final event, and Barao looks to keep his unreal 23-fight win streak intact in this bantamweight affair. Referee Neil Sarembock in charge of the action. Barao misses an early high kick, and Cariaso lands one of his own. Both fighters flashing hard kicks early. Off-balance Cariaso hits the deck, and Barao pushes into his guard. Cariaso secures the arm and thinks armbar, but Barao pulls free. Barao casually posting with his hand on the matt, and Cariaso looks for an other armbar. Barao postures and advances to side control. Two minutes in. Cariaso spins in an moves back o half-guard. Barao spins for a kimura and Cariaso rolls. Barao transitions with him and takes the back. Figure-four for Barao across the body. He fires a few punches in from the right side as he looks for an opening for the choke. Cariaso spins in, and Barao takes mount. A few elbows come in, but there's another roll. Barao sinks in the rear-naked choke. It looks deep, but Cariaso fights it. He's stuck, and as courageous as he wants to be, he must tap. Renan Barao def. Chris Cariaso via submission via submission (rear-naked choke) - Round 1, 3:47.
12/16/10 6:24:49PM
I get to see some more of Dominick Cruz's ridiculous footwork.
... watching Cruz move around make me laugh every time.
12/16/10 6:27:28PM
Goodbye WEC, you shall be missed
12/16/10 6:29:36PM
Round 1 - Alcantara makes his WEC debut, while Lamas tries to win his fourth-straight in this lightweight bout. Referee Ron Nation oversees the action. Alcantara takes the center and open with a three punches behind a kick. Lanas defends well and resets. Alcantara continues to stalk and punches into a clinch against the cage. Lamas comfortable and spins to escape. Alcantara moving slowly forward as Lamas bounces. Alcantara slips a punch and fires two and a kick before moving into the clinch again. Lamas circles off easily. Two minutes in, and they break. Alcantara engages quickly and lands a knee, but Lamas closes the gap again and presses in. Knees traded. Lamas appears to be dictating the clinch. He finally releases after little action. Alcantara stalks patiently, and a leaping left hook sends Lamas crashing to the floor. Alcantara pounces with three more punches, but Lamas was already cold against the fence. Alcantara walks away before Nation can even get to him. Round 1, 3:26
12/16/10 6:31:11PM
and I am 0-1 missing the hot bout...

not a good way to start when I am trying to keep my spot near the top of the league...haha
12/16/10 6:35:04PM
And I nailed it. Almost nailed the first bout too but had it being a KO/TKO. Not too shabby for not making my picks until today, too busy to make them early.
12/16/10 6:37:57PM
i didnt even realize I picked for the first fight..haha

1-1 w/ 11

still, sucks missing the HB
12/16/10 6:49:48PM
Castillo TKOs Kerr in R1. Time in a moment.

1:25. KO.
12/16/10 6:49:56PM
Round 1 - With a few recent losses from each fighter, these two lightweights are likely fighting for their spot on the UFC roster. Referee Herb Dean in the cage. Castillo takes the center. Kerr leaps in with a flying knee that just misses. He immediately switches to a guillotine and falls to his back. It looks tight early, but Castillo pops his head out. Kerr stays busty on the bottom and latches on to Castillo's left leg. Castillo remains calm as he tries to stack his opponent, but the lef is not yet free. Castillo starts firing punches to the body, then the head. Kerr's dome is against the canvas, and Castillo's punches are resonating in the arena. Three connect flush, and Kerr is out. Castillo walks away as Dean calls the fight. Round 1, 1:25
12/16/10 6:51:19PM
2-1 with 16
12/16/10 6:52:51PM
2-1 14 points and 1/3 of my parley.

Great finishes so far
12/16/10 7:11:57PM

Round 1 - Stone makes his WEC debut, while Wineland a former WEC champ, eyes his fourth-straight win. Referee Neil Sarembock returns to the cage. Wineland moves forward quickly, but Stone is ready with leg kicks. Wineland showing lots of head movement as he holds the center. Stone circling and looking to use his legs early. Stone delivers a straight but catches a snapping counter that pops his head back. Crowd likes the early striking. Stone shoots in. Wineland stuffs it, and Stone leaps to guard. Stone wraps his right arm around the neck and has a figure-four around the waist. Wineland walks slowly over to his corner and pushes Stone against the cage. He sits there for a moment before launching into the canvas. Stone is out when he hits the mat. Wineland gets in a few punches that are elementary. Fight is over. Eddie Wineland def. Ken Stone via knockout (slam) - Round 1, 2:11.
12/16/10 7:12:55PM
2-2 w/ 16

my upset pick backfired...haha
12/16/10 7:26:48PM
Stone was legit out cold and then some. Junkie says he was motionless for several minutes and was taken out on a stretcher.

Menjivar-Pickett up now. It's the first fight tonight to go to round 2.
12/16/10 7:51:53PM
First decision of the night. 3 29-28s, Pickett.
12/16/10 7:52:15PM
3-2 for 21 points...

12/16/10 8:05:59PM
4-1 38 points , missed hot bout and parlay.
12/16/10 8:09:42PM

Round 1 - Important lightweight affair, and referee Herb Dean draws the assignment. Varner takes the center and lands a right to the body. Roller circles on the outside, and Varner aims to the gut again. Quick hands from Varner early with shots to the body and then up top. Varner with a very wide stance, and Roller is content to trade with him early. Varner lands an overhand right. Roller does pop a stiff jab, and he looks a bit annoyed as he pickes up the pace. Varner retreats and resets. Varner kicks to the thigh. Two minutes in. Varner's right eye reddened, but he fires off a high kick. Roller is dropped but a striaght, but he pops up, scores a takedwon and immediately scrambles to the back as Varner stands. Varner controls the right arm in front of him. ROller has a bodylock. Varner leaps to the side, but Roller doesn't blink as they hit the canvas. Roller sneaks the left arm underneath the chin and squeezes. Varner tries to fight it, but Roller has it in deep. Varner is forced to tap. Round 1, 3:55.
12/16/10 8:12:26PM
4-2 w/ 32 points

and 2/3 of my parlay
12/16/10 8:15:04PM
I knew not to pick Varner but I did it any way.
12/16/10 8:54:19PM
Downes by UD

and now I am 4-3....still with 32
12/16/10 9:12:04PM
Well, as it turns out, No We Khan't. 1 30-27 and 2 29-28s, Downes over Tie-Quan.
12/16/10 9:41:55PM
5-3 45 points
12/16/10 9:56:52PM
6-3 50 points
12/16/10 10:00:34PM
Another SD, this time Shalrous over Bart, and perhaps another IFL guy on his way out. Cerrone subbed Horodecki and I'm now putting Chris in with LC Davis-unfortunately that means he's become a bit of a bust since joining Zuffa and never really lived up to his potential.
12/16/10 10:26:21PM
Ken Stone is out of the hospital and headed back to the arena. No major injuries.
12/16/10 10:33:23PM
8-1 w/59 points. My best outing in either league in quite some time.

Now I just need Cruz and Henderson to win and I nail my parlay (Cruz, Henderson, Downes) for $8002.
12/16/10 10:42:09PM

Posted by sbulldavid

6-3 50 points

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