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2/13/08 7:51:40PM
Full WEC 32 results:
Micah Miller beat Chance Farrar by KO at 1:39 of round 1.
Yoshiro Maeda beat Charlie Valencia by TKO (body kick) at 2:29 of round 1.
Damacio Page beat Scott Jorgensen by unanimous decision, 2 30-27s and 1 29-28.
Coty Wheeler beat Del Hawkins by submission (armbar) at 1:57 of round 2.
Josh Grispi beat Mark Hominick by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:55 of round 1. Finish said to be just like when Matt Hughes choked out Frank Trigg.
Leonard Garcia beat Hiroyuki Takaya by KO at 1:31 of round 1.
Manny Tapia beat Scott Banuelos by split decision. The bout was initially ruled a draw but one scorecard was misread and then correctly read, which resulted in the split decision.
Miguel Torres beat WEC Bantamweight Champion Chase Beebe by submission (guillotine) at 3:59 of round 1 to become THE NEW WEC BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPION!
Jamie Varner beat WEC Lightweight Champion Rob McCullough by KO at 2:54 of round 3 to become THE NEW WEC LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION!
WEC Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit beat Carlo Prater by submission (guillotine) at 3:48 of round 1 to retain the title.
2/13/08 7:54:43PM
Nice man..im at work..keep me posted..

2/13/08 8:07:35PM
bad start, 2-2 , no hot bout
2/13/08 8:10:16PM
3-1 with the hot bout..
but I was certain Jorgensonwas gonna out wrestle Page for a UD.....that sucks..haha
2/13/08 8:10:58PM
3-0 so far, won a little wager on Maeda. Forgot to pick Page-Jorgensen fight, didn't remember until just a few minutes ago.

Make that 3-1, update coming.

Unless Tapia-Banuelos and both the first 2 title fights go to decisions, I think at least one prelim will air. Miller-Farrar seems to have the best chance so far. Maybe Maeda-Valencia.
2/13/08 8:11:11PM

Homonick loses via standing RNC.... holy crap

3-2 now.
2/13/08 8:16:01PM
this is the worst i have ever done 1-4
2/13/08 8:29:09PM
All the prelims are in the books, so I'm done for the night. Someone please take over for the TV show and everyone enjoy the fights. And hope for quick TV fights because at least 3 of the prelims could air if there's enough time.
2/13/08 8:30:00PM

Garcia wins by rnd 1 KO....


this sucks.
2/13/08 8:55:36PM
4-2...not too bad.

Which one was the Hot Bout?
2/13/08 8:56:21PM

Posted by emfleek

4-2...not too bad.

Which one was the Hot Bout?

Nevermind...one of the matches I picked incorrectly, of course.
2/13/08 8:59:06PM
not off to a bad start, 5 - 1 and i wagered it all on grispi seeing as i knew he had this fight the mans a beast.
2/13/08 9:00:45PM



Shoot me for using the phrase "War" anything...
2/13/08 9:08:29PM
3-3, buahh
2/13/08 9:22:54PM
wow i suck i got all of them wrong but three and lost all my money gay at least i don't do this bad in the regular game
2/13/08 9:34:18PM
Scoring correction . had to be tapia
2/13/08 9:36:00PM

Posted by D0wnUnd6e6r

split draw WTF!!!!! Tapia won it god damnit

my thoughts exactly, WTF was that?
2/13/08 9:36:58PM
Nice change...
Cecil Peoples scored it for Anthony...
Great war though!!!
2/13/08 9:38:23PM
wow, tapia v banuelos was crazy, such a good fight...tapia came out and threw everything he had at him, but i think reversing the S/D was kind of crap. banuelos came threw it all right back at tapia.
2/13/08 9:46:34PM
76 inch reach by Torres!! 9 inch advantage!

WOW! Nice job on the ground by Torres!
2/13/08 9:56:41PM
The two fights so far have been pretty good. What happened with the tapia fight? i saw he'd won then i went for a drink and some food then when i got back the torres fight had started, how come the decision got changed?
2/13/08 9:58:02PM

Posted by Aaronno9

The two fights so far have been pretty good. What happened with the tapia fight? i saw he'd won then i went for a drink and some food then when i got back the torres fight had started, how come the decision got changed?

The last judge scored it 28-28, then he changed it to 29-28
2/13/08 10:21:58PM
Razor Robs up, really like watching him fight.
2/13/08 10:23:52PM
Hah, Varner is cocky as hell.
2/13/08 10:32:25PM
Man Varner looks like a damn fireball in there so far
2/13/08 10:33:20PM
Yea hes goin all out, Im afraid he might gas though in rd. 4-5
2/13/08 10:36:18PM
Round 1 has to go to Varnerm, but yea had to use up a ton of energy in that round
2/13/08 10:40:11PM
Jordan Breen scored the round: 10-9 Varner
TJ De Santis scored the round: 10-9 Varner
Mike Fridley scored the round: 10-9 McCullough

from sherdog
2/13/08 10:42:54PM
Varner took rd. 2. Round 1 could be a toss up, leaning towards Varner.. however Rob stuffed most of his takedowns

2/13/08 10:44:10PM
Huge shot from Razor Rob, rocked Varner
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