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9/30/10 11:36:23PM
Absolutely THE best fighter in the world.
9/30/10 11:38:06PM
To Manny's credit, that was the best fight anyone has given Aldo in the WEC... he landed a punch that hurt him.
9/30/10 11:45:29PM
Grispi next? Hominick maybe?

Theyre running out of contenders
9/30/10 11:47:51PM

Posted by Franklinfan47

Grispi next? Hominick maybe?

Theyre running out of contenders

I'd like to see Aldo/Hominick, but the moment Aldo got on top it would be over.

Grispi would be meat imo.
9/30/10 11:53:58PM
Grispi vs Aldo would be insane
10/1/10 12:01:53AM
Very nice GNP by Aldo on a turtled fighter. Drives me nut to see people pass up the under the arm pit clean punch and just relentlessly punch a guy in the glove. That punch connects and cause a turn of the head which leads into a knock out beautiful display by Jose!
10/1/10 12:06:44AM
Amazing performance by Aldo and the rest of the card! This card blew Mir .vs. Crocop out of the water as expected. Great night of fights!
10/1/10 12:24:24AM
Here you go man... one month.
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10/1/10 12:54:53AM
the black plegue
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