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3/7/10 1:42:41AM
I hit a 10,000 parlay that i put 100 bucks into.

Go Benavidez, Cruz and Davis!
3/7/10 1:50:57AM
I can't believe I called both the big fights properly.
WEC put on another awesome card...as always!
3/7/10 2:01:33AM
Finished 4-6-1 when it was all said and done with, I can never pick these WEC cards right for some reason. Only got Lamas, Paixao, Jorgenson, and Vazquez.

Definately thought Bowles was gunna hang onto that belt a bit longer than this, and also surprised to see Torres get dominated like that. Poor Pulver
3/7/10 2:19:04PM

Posted by Kpro

Posted by telnights

If the first punch broke Bowels hand again then most likely his hand wasn't fully healed or didn't heal right.

His break against Torres was his left hand, without running back to my DVR to double-check, I'm pretty sure this time it was his right hand.

If that's the case then he is doing something wrong. I will have to watch it again on DVR and look to see if maybe its just bad luck or something else.
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